Once renewable energy becomes an obvious success anti-environmentalism will start to lose its political grip

So what’s really at stake in this year’s US election? Well, among other things, the fate of the planet. Last year was the hottest on record, by a wid(...)

Pictured in the control room of Shell’s gas refinery at Bellanaboy in north Mayo  are control room operator Tom Bond, Minister of State  Joe McHugh and Shell E&P Ireland managing director Ronan Deasy. Photograph: Stuart Conway.

Amid tight security, Minister of State for Natural Resources Joe McHugh opened the Corrib gas project in Co Mayo yesterday. Mr McHugh unveiled a pla(...)

Colm and Gabielle Henry live at Glengad, Co Mayo. Their home overlooks Sruwaddacon Bay and  the pipeline’s landfall. Photograph: Keith Heneghan

The €3.5 billion Corrib gas development is due to be opened by Minister of State for Natural Resources Joe McHugh on Monday, almost 20 years after the(...)

City haven: the River Dodder from Orwell Bridge in Dublin. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

There’s a pleasant sensation of falling into another world when you swing your bike off the busy road opposite the Dropping Well pub in south Dublin a(...)

Researchers have found bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics in sewage being discharged from our hospitals and homes into the natural environmen(...)

The danger is drug-resistant bacteria could get back into humans and cause infections that would resist treatment, the researchers from NUI Galway warn. File photograph: Thinkstock

In the first study of its kind in Ireland, researchers have found both antibiotic drugs and antibiotic-resistant bacteria in discharges from sewerage (...)

“No one watching Mark Coughlan’s report on Prime Time last Thursday night could have had a scintilla of confidence in the so-called EPA,’’ Labour Senator John  Whelan has said. File photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times

Labour Senator John Whelan has described the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as “a lazy, limp and lame lapdog’’. “Instead, it should be a watch(...)

A woman takes a picture of a globe at the COP21, the United Nations Climate Change Conference in France. The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change wants everyone to pursue “sustainable lifestyles”. Photograph: Christophe Ena/PA

Chronic diseases and climate change are inextricably linked. For example, obesity causes chronic disease and affects climate change. Healthy body mass(...)

Staff member at Shell’s gas terminal in Erris.  Shell acknowledged that the flaring was “exceptional”

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says it is investigating the intense flaring of gas at the Corrib gas plant which alarmed north Mayo reside(...)

Shell E&P Ireland’s John Egan in a still from a Youtube video from New Year’s Eve, discussing the flaring of gas at the Corrib plant, seen in the background. Photograph: Shell/Youtube

Residents living close to the Corrib gas plant in north Mayo have expressed alarm over the intensity of gas flaring during New Year’s Eve. Shell E&am(...)