Amendments to the Government’s climate change legislation will take the bare look off its commitment to engage seriously with global warming issues at(...)

Tens of thousands of householders may, unknowingly, be poisoning their families because of lead contamination in their drinking water. The number may (...)

Lack of investment and forward planning have combined to leave the users of more than 120 public water systems dangerously exposed. Those risks includ(...)

We are blessed by the fact that, unlike water, sewage doesn’t fall from the sky. Its treatment, however, has suffered the same neglect by local author(...)

Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney the national dairy herd would increase by between 20-25 per cent over the next five years.  Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times

Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney has been accused of misleading the public on the environmental impact of expanding Ireland’s dairy herd.An Tais(...)

Results from the first official inspections of septic tanks in rural Ireland are truly shocking. More than half of the small number of househol(...)

Water quality

Prevention is better than cure. It is also more cost-effective where water management is concerned. Research conducted for the Environmental Pr(...)

Bodies can be buried without coffins from next month for the first time in more than 120 years under new regulations approved by Minister for t(...)