Stephen Collins: “Our product is a regular school table embedded with a layer of touch-sensing technology.”
New Innovator: Tip tap tap

If Cork-based ed-tech company Tip tap tap (TTT) has its way, the writing is on the wall for the school desk, as we know it. What TTT would like school(...)

From Left to right: Emer O’Daly, Aoibh O’Daly, Kate O’Daly of Love & Robots. Photo: Ailbhe O’Donnell.  Photograph: Ailbhe O’Donnell.

Have you dreamed of quitting the 9 to 5 in favour of becoming your own boss? The reality might be slightly more challenging than the fantasy (for exam(...)

John Phelan, national manager for HBan: “HBan is well-positioned to help business angels find the right type of early-stage company and maximise their chances of a successful investment.”

Angel investment will help to create 700 jobs around Ireland by 2017, a result of €30 million in funding rounds last year. According to the Halo Busi(...)

Padraig Brosnan, Treasury Delta founder: “The aim was to develop a system that is very easy and user-friendly out front but is supported by a complex and sophisticated platform in the background”

Bank charges can be a big burden on businesses, running into thousands of euro a year. Most companies accept bank charges as a necessary cost, but for(...)

IIS chief executive Morgan Browne

Morgan Browne is chief executive of IIS, a company that provides business management solutions to SMEs. Browne has worked in the IT industry since lea(...)

Dave O’Flanagan, chief executive of Boxever

Dave O’Flanagan is chief executive of Boxever, a data science company that combines big data and predictive analytics to give airlines and online trav(...)

Ireland has been leading in elearning going back about 30 years

Ireland is poised to take advantage of the expected growth in the educational technology industry, with the potential to create jobs and boost the eco(...)

Fine Gael TD John Deasy: has pushed for Enterprise Ireland to assess the underutilised harbours. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

A group of large harbours across the State is not being used adequately to promote and develop fishing and seafood, the Dáil Public Accounts Committe(...)

Ollie Brogan, managing director at ESB International: “As a nation, we’re good at understanding other peoples.”

As the ESB’s consulting arm, ESB International (ESBI) prepares to celebrate its 40th birthday with an event today at Dublin Castle, Ollie Brogan, its (...)

Ross O’Neill of Neuromod Devices with a Mutebutton

For some it’s a high-pitched drone, for others a whooshing, hissing or buzzing. The layman’s name for it is “ringing in your ears”. The medical term i(...)