Jill Maher and her daughter Katie (16), who has dyslexia,  at their home in Lucan. Katie achieved a B in Honours English in her Junior Cert. Photograph: Dave Meehan

The first indication Jill Maher got that her daughter Katie was having problems at school was when she was in first class and they got a letter saying(...)

Educational psychologist William K Wilkinson: He believes it can be a big relief to children when it’s explained how their problems are very specific and not a reflection of their level of intelligence.

Detection of an educational disability can be a profound moment for parents, for teachers and for children themselves. “It really is a game-cha(...)

Frankie Hollands supporting the learning activities at the Rush, Lusk and Skerries dyslexia workshop. Photograph: John Mc Elroy

There was a time in Ireland when dyslexia was the disorder that dare not speak its name. The Dyslexia Association of Ireland (DAI), established 40 yea(...)

If the education system in 21st-century Ireland is to be fit for purpose, it must address how technology can support the education of all children (...)