Chelsea Harris and her children Ruby and Louie at their apartment in north Dublin inner city. Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times

Standing in a brightly lit apartment on Dublin’s north side, Chelsea Harris is negotiating with her 3½ year-old daughter Ruby as to the number of stuf(...)

Dealing with homelessness: Janet, who now lives in transition accommodation. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Nadia's story “I don’t want that [my mother] knows I am homeless, because her heart is very sick. If she knows that I have very big trouble for(...)

Had the Civic Forum survived it might have headed off trouble over the flags protests. Photograph: Reuters

The community and voluntary sectors have been key players in the peace process in Northern Ireland during the past 20 years, their organisations and g(...)

Chief executive of Depaul Ireland Kerry Anthony suggested people should give homeless people ‘some sort of acknowledgement, even if it is just a smile or to say “hello”.’ Photograph: Alan Betson

A homeless man lay dead on a Belfast city centre street for three hours while pedestrians and motorists passed by, it has emerged. The man in his e(...)