National Women’s Council of Ireland director  Orla O’Connor: “Women must be able to trust their maternity hospital that they will be treated in a compassionate and non-judgmental way.” Photograph:  Nick Bradshaw

St Vincent’s University Hospital has rejected claims that it bans sterilisation for reasons related to its Catholic ethos. “There is no prohibition (...)

A new  GP-based 24-hour blood pressure monitoring and  a  contraceptive service for medical card patients has been delayed. Photograph: PA

Plans to introduce new 24-hour blood pressure monitoring and a modern contraception services in GP surgeries for medical card patients have been delay(...)

An Irish cancer charity said that while it recognised e-cigarettes were safer than tobacco, it could not recommend them for use as a smoking cessation device until further research was carried out. Photograph: Getty Images

The Irish Cancer Society has said it cannot recommend e-cigarettes to help people stop smoking until further research is carried out into the long-ter(...)

Bending the rules will require the understanding and co-operation of the European Commission. Photograph: Getty Images

The record of the last government may not have found favour with voters in the recent election, but its achievement in controlling public expenditure (...)

The effective blood donation ban for sexually active gay men has been in place since the mid-1980s, and was an attempt to reduce the risk of the emergent HIV epidemic tainting blood reserves.

Calls for the reduction or complete removal of an effective lifetime ban on sexually active gay men giving blood have been made at a conference discu(...)

In the words of Oscar Wilde, a cynic is a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. Based on what we have learned about mental h(...)

Lorraine Nolan: Health Products Regulatory Authority chief executive: Nolan comes from a scientific family – ‘my sister is a nurse, one brother is a biologist, another is a biochemist and another is an electronic engineer. I blame my parents who bought us all chemistry sets as children.’

You might expect the national authority for regulating medicines and medical devices to occupy an imposing historic or modern building in the capital.(...)

Minister of State Kathleen Lynch: Requested that agreed allocation for mental health remains in place “for the duration of the caretaker government and until a new minister is in place”. Photograph: The Irish Times

Plans by the Department of Health and the HSE to raid money supposedly ring-fenced for mental health for spending in more politically sensitive areas (...)

Limerick's Mid-Western Regional Hospital in Dooradoyle where patients are waiting on trolleys in corridors to have operations due to overcrowding.The Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation has said there were 569 patients on trolleys in hospital emergency departments this morning - the highest number ever recorded.Pic Emma Jervis / Press 22

People with health insurance can often wonder what the point of having it is. What benefits does it really have when you’re often processed through th(...)

A new government will be radically different from anything we have seen in the State

The old joke goes that the best way of spreading a story is to tell a politician a secret. Like journalists, many of the political class are terrible (...)