The Credit Union Restructuring Board (Rebo) last month said it now only expected to spend €20 million on the consolidation process by the time it winds up in March

Central Bank proposals to exert stronger regulatory oversight on the credit union sector are “overzealous” and “take risk management to a point where (...)

While the number of credit unions has been in decline since the crash, largely due to amalgamations, Rebo said the sector was beginning to grow again.

The Government looks set to save €230 million previously earmarked for the restructuring of credit unions in wake of the financial crash. The Credit U(...)

The Credit Union Restructuring Board was established in January last year in accordance with the Credit Union and Co-operation with Overseas Regulators Act 2012.

The chief executive of the Credit Union Restructuring Board (ReBo), the body tasked with reshaping the sector, has announced he is to step down after (...)

With Newbridge Credit Union dominating the headlines thanks to its swift transfer to Permanent TSB at the behest of the Central Bank, credit unions ha(...)

The Central Bank and credit union regulator have failed to get a private court hearing of a challenge to their bid to make Maynooth Credit Union in Ki(...)

Imelda May is fronting the latest credit union advertising campaign.

Two years ago the biggest credit union in Ireland, St Raphael’s – which serves gardaí and their families across the State – announced it was pl(...)

Kieron Brennan, chief executive of the  Irish League of Credit Unions, said the credit unions involved would have to absorb the losses

Irish credit unions have accused the Government of behaving worse than the Cyprus authorities in im(...)