Pfizer’s little blue pills, which generally cost about $15 each, replaced treatment that included penile injections, pumps and surgery.

Fifteen years after Pfizer’s Viagra changed the sexual equation for older men, the impotence drug is set to become available in a less expensive gene(...)

There was a high level of support for the No side in the “breakfast-roll man” Dublin commuter belt constituencies, with 54.6 per cent of voters rejecting the proposal here. Photograph: Alan Betson

There has been a lot of emphasis in recent days on the low voter turnout levels in last Friday’s referendums and the likely impact that had on (...)

Amarin has developed a drug called Vascepa which it says is a more effective cholesterol treatment than rival Lovaza

Shares in Irish drug firm Amarin have been hit by a US court ruling favouring generic pharmaceutical groups in the area where it operates.Teva Pharmac(...)

 Seán Quinn: The Northern Ireland court had ruled that the debt over the mall was illegally transferred from Demesne Investments Ltd, of which Seán Quinn snr was director, to Lyndhurst Development Trading Ltd in the British Virgin Islands.  Photograph;  The Irish Times

The last in a series of court actions in the Ukraine to uphold the legal rights of Irish Bank Resolution Corporation (IBRC) over the Ukraina shopping(...)

Baking bread at the turn of the 20th century in New York. photograph: buyenlarge/getty images

What is your favourite case?My favourite case is the landmark US Supreme Court case of Lochner v New York (1905), where a state law restricting the ho(...)