Irish Water cleans up

The alacrity with which the Government moved to defuse the issue of charging for water in “boil notice areas” reflected the sensitivity of the issue i(...)

Irish Water has “categorically” insisted its billing system will be fully operational by January when the first bills will be issued

Householders whose water supply is unfit for human consumption are expected to receive an immediate 50 per cent discount on their water bills under c(...)

Irish Water/Uisce Éireann has begun sending out application packs to households in order to calculate their liability for the water charge.

  The Data Protection Commissioner is examining Irish Water’s policy outlining how it collects and uses personal information after the off(...)

The energy regulator has called on gas and electricity providers to stop surcharging pay-as-you-go customers.Some 150,000 people use pre-pay meters. (...)

Galway-based Tynagh Energy to receive €66.4m over  12 months. Photograph: Reuters

A multinational-backed power company that makes €25 million a year in profit is set to receive more than €66 million from an extra charge levied on t(...)

The regulator plans to increase the public service obligation to support wind power, peat-fired plants and a number of other generators. Photo: David Sleator

The Republic’s biggest businesses and employers will share an extra €70 million burden on their electricity bills from next October when the Commissi(...)

How much for a glass of tap water?   The Commission for Energy Regulation has  published the details of how much we will  have to pay when  water charges are brought it

We knew we water charges were coming, so what’s the fuss now? Yesterday at noon, the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) published the details of h(...)

The Coalition said in May that the free allowance for children would be set at 38,000 litres per year, but draft price plans published by the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) yesterday said “the normal consumption of a child is currently expected to be 21,000 litres per year”.

Irish Water has insisted children will be provided with an adequate allowance to ensure their water usage is free after substantially decreasing the i(...)

People with water meters installed will be charged €4.88 for every 1,000 litres of water used, but will have their bills capped  for six months.

A charge of half a cent for every litre of domestic water used will see water in Ireland becoming dearer than in most European countries. It will also(...)

 An Irish Water meter being installed in Maynooth,  Co Kildare.

Earlier this year, Taoiseach Enda Kenny tried to pin down the Coalition’s best estimate of what the average metered charged would be and arrived at a (...)