Mash Direct director Tracy Hamilton says: “The entire company is gluten-free now and that’s very important to a lot of our customers.”

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BFree: the challenge was to create a new product

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Casual buffet-style suppers work really well. Guests can help themselves rather than have a meal served to them. That way everyone is in control of their portion sizes and the breadth of foods they wish to enjoy. Photograph: Thinkstock

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Lucy Hutchinson: Full of energy and no longer pale and tired, Lucy is thriving on a gluten-free diet since being diagnosed with coeliac disease.

When seven-year-old Lucy Hutchinson made her First Communion last Saturday she was the first child in the church to receive the host – for a reason(...)

Quinoa salad. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

The word “coeliac” is derived from the Greek word koiliakos, which means suffering in the bowels. The condition was first described more than 1,800 ye(...)