Judge Colin Daly: said he wanted a plan B from the social worker on  the next occasion. Photograph: Collins/Courts

A teenager in care referred to a plastic surgeon last February to have a scar assessed for removal will be waiting another six months before she is al(...)

Of all social wrongs, a denial of opportunity to children is the most insidious. Young people bear the brunt of this exclusion but society also pays b(...)

The judge granted an emergency care order to the Child and Family Agency after a teenager told a doctor in a hospital emergency unit she would harm herself if she was sent back home.

Children detained involuntarily in psychiatric units should have the same “checks and balances” as those afforded to adults, a judge at the Dublin Dis(...)

Judge Colin Daly: said it was “an unnecessary trespass on her person that should be remedied”.  Photograph: Collins/Courts

The refusal of any orthodontist to remove braces from a child on the basis that they had not been paid is unethical, a spokesman for the Dental Counc(...)

 The Child and Family Agency: the agency has now received approval from management to pay the bill. Photograph: Alan Betson/The Irish Times

A teenager in the care of the Child and Family Agency has not had her braces removed because of a dispute over paying the orthodontist, the Dublin Di(...)

Court chambers: boy had discussion with Judge Brendan Toale.

A teenage boy in care, who had a series of foster placements that broke down over five years and a residential placement in which he was “deeply unha(...)

The Irish Courts Service plans to introduce a recording template for all District Courts. Photograph: Getty Images/Comstock Images

The likelihood of the courts agreeing to place children into care varies significantly from area to area, with many District Courts consenting to all(...)

A solicitor for the Child and Family Agency said the boy wanted contact with the foster mother, with whom he had lived for most of his life, but child protection notifications had been sent to gardaí and “might colour the relationship” with her. Photograph: Alan Betson

Gardaí have been notified and a child in care has been moved after alleged emotional neglect and abuse by his foster carers, the Dublin District Fami(...)

A young girl who told social workers that her father beat her with a belt after she had “misbehaved” at school has been taken into the care of the Chi(...)

The social worker said the young teenager had been in the voluntary care of the Child and Family Agency since last month. Photograph: Getty Images/Comstock Images

An interim care order was made yesterday for a boy who had second-degree burns after his mother allegedly threw a kettle of boiling water at him.Judge(...)