Are you one of Standard Life’s  60,000 Irish shareholders? If so you could be  set to make almost €1,000 from the investment group’s redistribution of its proceeds from the sale of its Canadian business.

Shareholders in Standard Life are in line for a windfall of almost €1,000 each after the Scottish based fund manager announced it would return £1.75 b(...)

Michael Noonan: people with an income in excess of €60,000 should no longer be entitled to reduced rates of USC despite being over the age of 70. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

People aged 70 or over whose aggregate income for the year is €60,000 or less pay a reduced rate of USC (...)

Dublin’s docklands has been the centre of attention for many property investors recently

It’s back. With international investors ploughing into commercial property, it could be a good time to take a punt on Irish property. But how c(...)

Have you any further information about Danske Bank, as their internet banking facility seems to be restr(...)

I bought a small number of Anglo Irish Bank/IBRC shares on August 21st, 2007. These shares were suspende(...)

Extensive works to a pitched roof usually entail that the existing roof covering (which is usually slate, concrete tile, clay tile or even thatch) is nearing the end of its life span and requires wholesale replacement
Property Clinic

Q A hole in my pitched roof was causing leaks and damp patches inside the house. A roofer looked at it and advised (...)

I have just 481 Vodafone shares and wish to sell. I am wading through forms. I have signed blue and yellow, not clear about white. Can you help? I ass(...)

Flames and smoke rise from burning tyres as a worker sits on a barricade blocking the entrance of US tyre-maker Goodyear’s plant to protest job cuts in Amiens. Photograph: Benoit Tessier/Reuters

Executives from the Goodyear tyre company were released unharmed yesterday afternoon, after being held hostage by communist trade unionists.Some 200 m(...)

Tax hikes are coming, for investors and savers alike, with deposit interest retention tax (Dirt) set to rise in January. But as the new year rapidly a(...)

There has been a strong media focus in the past month on the improving housing market conditions predominantly in the greater Dublin area, but also on(...)