New frontiers: a woman star-gazes through a telescope. Photograph: Thinkstock

Why would anyone study science, technology, engineering or maths? You might think it is difficult and that everyone will think you are a nerd. But a (...)

Wave effect: throw a pebble into a pond and waves spread out from the point of impact – a bit like investment in scientific research and education

The scientific world is all aflutter with the announcement last week of the discovery of something called a “gravitational wave”. There are lots of re(...)

Shooting for the stars

“Discover the force of the skies O Men: once recognised it can be put to use.” – Johannes Kepler. The 1963 film, The Mouse on the Moon (sequel to be(...)

 William C. Campbell:  won the 2015 Nobel Prize in Medicine. Photograph:  EPA/CJ GUNTHER

Every year science throws up remarkable discoveries, great advances, important decisions and new ideas, and 2015 was no different. For what it is wort(...)

In The Water Book, Alok Jha takes us on a journey from the Antarctic to the monsoons of India (above)

If you are looking to give a curious mind a present this festive season, or if you are looking to feed your own curious mind, then a science-related b(...)

“Innovation 2020 is a fundamental part of our plan to keep the recovery going,” Taoiseach Enda Kenny said. Photograph: Gareth Chaney Collins

The Government’s new science strategy will help bring full employment and a sustainable economy, Taoiseach Enda Kenny has said. “Innovation 2020 is(...)

Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at Cern

The Government will today reveal a €5 billion spending programme which will see the numbers involved in scientific research and development (R&D)(...)

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) creates beams of particles and speeds them up to almost the speed of light before letting them crash into one another. Photograph:  Cern/PA Wire

Why are people talking about something called Cern? Cern is Europe’s nuclear research centre based on the French-Swiss border. It is the home of th(...)

The beam tunnel of the Large Hadron Collider at Cern in Meyrin, Switzerland. Energy levels to be reached on Wednesday will not have been seen since the formation of the universe in the Big Bang

The world’s biggest atom smasher is to restart today after two years of repairs and improvements, and needless to say it will start with a bang. The i(...)

A total of 19 new members have been brought into the Royal Irish Academy at a ceremony in Dublin on Friday. The new members of the academy include Steve Myers, who was the director of accelerators at CERN when the Higgs boson was discovered in 2012 and  Martin Naughton, chairman of Glen Dimplex. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons/The Irish Times.

A more “dynamic” higher education system is needed to attract both top researchers and women to leadership roles in Ireland, the president of the Roya(...)