Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl is seen in this picture sent to news media  by his kidnappers, before they murdered him. Photograph: CNN/Getty Images

In January 2014 I found myself in the back of a London taxi with David Satter, the veteran American journalist. We had just learned that Satter, an ol(...)

James Flaus: ‘These magnificent feats of human engineering left us awe-struck, and taught us the power of collaboration’
Inspiring young minds

Jana Decker Understanding the mysteries of the universe is one of the last great adventures of our time, and no place is better to see adventurers – (...)

Illustration: Roy Scott/Ikon Images via Getty

Science has been described as the single most successful endeavour aimed at understanding the physical world. Researchers use long-established redu(...)

A proton-proton collision at the Cern particle collider. John Bell had a stellar physics career at the physics research centre and laboratory in Geneva, where he was officially focused on particle physics. Photograph: AP Photo/Cern

The island of Ireland might be known, to those wearing emerald-tinted glasses, as the land of saints and scholars, but isn’t it curious that in the(...)

Einstein at work: does relativity scepticism present an interesting case of a ‘clean’ mistrust of science?

This semester, I’m teaching a first course in relativity to our students. The idea, one of the most famous theories of modern science, was first pr(...)

  Stephen Hawking giving a talk at this year’s Starmus Festival in Tenerife

It’s September 2014 and I’m wandering around a resort in Tenerife in the dark trying to find a gala dinner. I’m accompanied by a fellow straggler, an (...)

Arlene Foster, the North’s Minister for Enterprise, said the investment was secured by Invest NI despite stiff competition from other locations.

American software group Puppet Labs is to create 100 new jobs in Belfast as part of an investment to develop a software engineering centre in the Nort(...)

Edward Hendrick, chief executive of Sonru: spent countless hours travelling from his home to various locations around the country for interviews that frequently lasted less than half an hour. Photograph: Conor McCabe

Every day of the week, job applicants to international organisations such as CERN, Volvo, Nestlé, GSK, Qatar Airways, Morrisons, SAS, Thames Water and(...)

Wayne Shorter: ‘If there’s a lot of praise, where are the record sales?’ Photograph: Keith Tsuji/Getty

For Wayne Shorter, the past is not just another country, it’s a distant galaxy. Only now matters. It’s what you would expect from an iconic jazz music(...)

A worker rides by on his bicycle in Cern’s Large Hadron Collider tunnel during maintenance works, near Geneva. Photograph: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Image

What cost €4 billion, is built in a hole in the ground and needs 4,000 people to run it? Oh, and it might contribute to saving your life. Not m(...)