Unemployment rose slightly last month for the first time in over two years. Official figures from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) suggest the num(...)

The price for a standard semi-detached house in Dublin is now €362,500

One in four homeowners say they plan to move property in the next year, according to new research commissioned by KBC Bank. The desire to move stems (...)

Some 28 per cent of people from non-white ethnic backgrounds reported discrimination. Photograph: Thinkstock

People from non-white ethnic backgrounds were more than twice as likely to report that they had felt discriminated against than people from white ethn(...)

A huge loss for society

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) in its annual estimates of population change and movement provides some valuable insights. CSO figures in the year(...)

Closures: 140 Garda stations were closed nationwide in 2012-13. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

The death of 62-year-old John O’Donoghue, who suffered a heart attack after discovering intruders at his home in Doon, Co Limerick, has reignited the (...)

In Brisbane: Richard Donovan with wife Patricia and son Michael. They will all be back in Tipperary in September.

Richard Donovan had always wanted to see Australia, so when activity at the civil-works company he worked for began to slow, in early 2008, it seemed (...)

Downward curve: Western Australia is seeing a slowdown in mining. Photograph: Carla Gottgens/Bloomberg

The number of Irish people returning to live in their native country last year was a lot lower than many anticipated. Just 12,100 Irish moved back (...)

Meat exports have fallen from €15m to just €58,000.  Photograph: iStockphoto

Irish food exports to Russia effectively ground to a halt in the first six months of 2015, dropping by 75 per cent, as Moscow’s trade war with the We(...)

Retail sales jumped 11.6 per cent in July, the largest monthly rise in 10 years, as new car sales benefitted from the introduction of 152 number plat(...)

CSO numbers reveal average weekly earnings  rose in most sectors of the economy over the past 12 months.

IT staff are benefitting most from the upturn in the economy while thos e in construction are being paid less than they were a year ago. The latest ea(...)