Male-dominated: Fiscal Advisory Council economists (from left) Prof John McHale, Thomas Conefrey, John Howlin, Andrew Hannon and Eddie Casey launch a recent fiscal assessment report in Dublin. Photograph; Dara Mac Donaill / The Irish Times

A recent article in one of the top US economics journals, the Journal of Economic Perspectives, had the ironic title The Superiority of Economists.* T(...)

The figures tell us that Ireland is taking steps to protect its most vulnerable – before State interventions, such as pensions and social welfare payments are factored in, more than half of Ireland’s population are deemed at-risk of poverty.Photograph: Thinkstock

It probably does not come as a surprise to those with very little in their wallets or purses that Ireland continues to rank among the most expensive c(...)

The number of births less the number of deaths in quarter two gave a natural population increase of 9,305 people, accoridng to the CSO. Photograph: PA

The death rate fell by almost 6 per cent in the second quarter of 2014 compared with the same period in 2013 while births fell by nearly 4 per cent, f(...)

Pier jumping in Creevy Co Donegal.  Photograph: Bryan O’Brien / THE IRISH TIMES

The number of visits to Ireland between May and July rose by more than 11 per cent compared to the same period last year, new Central Statistic Office(...)

In the OECD study, the Republic is ranked 17th out of 24 participating countries in terms of literacy.

Levels of literacy and numeracy here compare poorly with other OECD countries, something that should leave people feeling disappointed. It is just not(...)

Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan said said he was pleased with the figures. ‘We’ve had a tremendous campaign over the last 18 months or so to try and deal with the prolific increase in burglaries that has been occurring for many, many years now. Paul Faith/PA Wire

Thefts from the person grew by over a third in the year up to June 2013 according to the latest crime statistics released by the CSO this morning. Alt(...)

The CSO found that residential prices climbed for the fourth month in a row in July and are now 2.3 per cent higher than a year ago, although this average masks differing performances for houses and apartments and, more notably, for property in Dublin and outside.

Nobody (one hopes) wants to talk up residential property prices to dangerous, cliff-falling-off levels again but it seems to be undeniable that a litt(...)

News of three consecutive quarters of negative growth, planting us firmly back in recession, came yesterday just as the rain began to fall on Governme(...)

Filling out a census form. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Back in April 2008, when Government statisticians last pondered the State’s long-term demographic future, unemployment stood at just 5 per cent(...)

Graphic: Irish Times Studio

PAMELA DUNCAN The number of dangerous or negligent driving offences recorded grew by more than 100,000 between 2010 and 2011 according to(...)