Part of Paddy Power’s ad featuring a mock-up of Oscar Pistorius as an Academy Award.

Paddy Power has been ordered to withdraw its controversial ad which offers odds on the trial of Oscar Pistorius Oscar for murder after it becam(...)

An online  petition condemning an Oscar Pistorius  bet contained in Paddy Power advertisements as “reprehensible” is addressed to the bookmaker’s chief executive Patrick Kennedy (above) and states: “Please consider the vast surge of public outrage against the terrible decision you have taken to offer bets upon the outcome of the Oscar Pistorius trial. Photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times

Paddy Power’s controversial Oscar Pistorius advert has become the most complained about UK advert of all time with more than 5,200 complaints s(...)

Truth Fairy: it actually does last twice as long as other washing up liquids

Fairy liquid’s bold claims about lasting much longer than its rivals isn’t a fairy tale after all. It is likely to be red faces all round at Persil he(...)

The Iceland ad did not make clear that FSAI tests used an established methodology, the ASA said.

A newspaper advert for supermarket chain Iceland has been banned in the United Kingdom after it was found to have discredited the Food Safety Authorit(...)