A undated handout image showing entrance to bank headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden of Sweden’s central bank, Sveriges Riksbank. Photograph: EPA

Sweden’s central bank ventured into uncharted territory as it cut its main interest rate to a record low and delayed tightening plans into 2016 in a b(...)

The Swedish Bankers’ Association last week said it would force homeowners to amortise all new mortgages worth more than 50 per cent of their properties, meaning that they won’t be able to take out mortgages above this level on an interest only basis.

Royal Bank of Scotland Group says lenders in Sweden have chosen the “worst” moment to tighten lending standards in Scandinavia’s biggest economy. A de(...)

Eircom had earmarked September as the date for its third public offering since 1999. Photograph: Eric Luke

Telecoms rethink Eircom is considering delaying its planned €1 billion stock market listing amid fears that investors would shy away from buying its s(...)

Global financial regulators have backed away from earlier guidelines that banks had warned would destabilise the $693 trillion derivatives mark(...)

Denmark’s Financial Services Authority noted that Ireland had a “significant effect” on Danske Bank’s risk weighting, resulting in a total group-level risk weight of 36 per cent, of which Ireland accounted for 4 per cent.

Danske Bank has been ordered to boost its risk-weighted assets by more than €13 billion after the Danish regulator found that it had under-estimated i(...)