Britain’s current account deficit  fell to £26.548 billion from an upwardly revised £28.93 billion

Britain’s economy grew more strongly than previously thought in the first three months of the year, and households’ disposable income rose at the fast(...)

Mark Carney, chairman of the Financial Stability Board. Photograph:  Michael Buholzer/Reuters.

The Financial Stability Board, the global regulator chaired by Mark Carney, is considering adapting its proposed too-big-to-fail bank fix in response (...)

For chief executives and chairmen in the UK, a bonus could be clawed back for up to 10 years if misconduct is uncovered

Top bankers in Britain could have their bonuses clawed back a decade after they were awarded under proposals from regulators on Tuesday that would mak(...)

Chancellor George Osborne, never one to let some good data pass unremarked, yesterday welcomed what he called a “powerful mix” of low prices and rising wages

If you blinked, you’ll have missed it: the UK’s brief descent into deflation has ended, with official figures yesterday showing the cost of living cre(...)

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney forecast that inflation  will pick up later this year and move toward the 2 per cent goal in 2016. (Photograph: Neil Hall/Reuters)

Britain’s inflation rate rose back above zero in May, ending the economy’s brush with deflation after just one month. Consumer prices rose an annual (...)

Blaming past failings inside the Bank of England, Mr Carney said its ultra-traditional governance rules had “weakened the social licence of markets”. Photograph: Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images

Bankers found guilty of rigging financial markets will be jailed for up to a decade, Bank of England governor Mark Carney has warned the City of Lon(...)

An anti shale-extraction poster in New York state.

The United States has taken Russia’s crown as the biggest oil and natural-gas producer in a demonstration of the seismic shifts in the world energy la(...)

George Osborne believes Britain risks being caught out if the world economy sours while its national debt exceeds 80 per cent of gross domestic product

British chancellor of the exchequer George Osborne will seek to burnish his deficit-cutting credentials on Wednesday, fresh from a decisive Conservati(...)

Estate agent’s “Sold” and “For Sale” signs stand outside a residential apartment complex in  London.  British house prices edged lower in May,  but the annual rate of growth rose and a shortage of homes is likely to push prices up further. Photograph: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

British house prices edged lower in May, in line with economists’ expectations, but the annual rate of growth rose and a shortage of homes is likely t(...)

Many economists expect house prices to pick up more rapidly after the slowdown in recent months

British house prices rose at their slowest annual rate in nearly two years in May, as growth continued to moderate after double-digit increases in the(...)