“We knew it would be busy but we were surprised at just how hectic the day was,” said AA Director of Consumer Affairs, Conor Faughnan. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Post-Christmas car troubles on Monday delivered the Automobile Association’s rescue service its busiest day in five years, the AA said on Tuesday. The(...)

For over a year, service provider Applus “either remained unaware or overlooked the claimant’s action. In the tribunal’s view this delay undermines the decision to dismiss the claimant”. Photograph: The Irish Times

A senior National Car Test (NCT) tester who was sacked after testing his own car has been awarded €35,000 for unfair dismissal. The firm that operates(...)

A member of the Northern Regional Response Unit stands guard at the site of a diesel laundry plant in Drumacon, Castleblaney, Co Monaghan. Photograph: Ciara Wilkinson

Illegal fuel laundering is a “war that is not being fought” by State agencies, leaving Border communities vulnerable to the crime gangs which feed off(...)

A rainy day in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Photograph: Reuters

Carl Stearns Clancy, the first round the world biker, whose journey we are recreating, stepped ashore in Ceylon with scarcely a penny to his na(...)

I was done for speeding – 38mph in a 30mph zone – driving along the Upper Lisburn Road in south Belfast, coming back from collecting the morning ne(...)