Doctors are overdiagnosing asthma, according to two leading respiratory doctors. File photograph: Brian Lawless/PA Wire

Doctors are overdiagnosing asthma, with inhalers frequently dispensed for no good reason, according to two leading respiratory doctors. Such is the l(...)

Report finds that Asthma on average results in  12 missed days of work per adult in an average year, and 10 missed days at school for a child.

One in five people with asthma cannot work due to poor health and a majority experience depressive symptoms, according to a new report. The loss of pr(...)

The Asthma Society said Ireland had the fourth highest prevalence of asthma worldwide. Photograph: Getty images

Air pollution levels in smaller towns not covered by the ban on smoky coal exceeds accepted EU limits, according to new research*.The level of particu(...)

Researchers have estimated that the 1990 smoky coal ban in Dublin and 20 other large towns has saved 8,200 lives since being introduced. Photograph: Getty Images

The Asthma Society has called on governments North and South to introduce an immediate all-Ireland ban on smoky coal.The charity says the measure woul(...)

Paying for medicine

One year after the introduction of legislation aimed at reducing the price of generic medications in the Republic, the cost of many prescribed drugs r(...)

Meeting comes after Taoiseach’s call for transparency on pay of charity executives. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons/ The Irish Times

The board of Rehab has been called to a special meeting to consider a demand from Taoiseach Enda Kenny to divulge the pay of its chief executive, Ange(...)

Gerry Adams said Ms Kerin’s refusal to declare her pay “and a general lack of transparency” should be addressed.Photograph: Alan Betson

The Irish Cancer Society has disclosed it lost money on running lotteries over a five-year period, but continued running them because it was in receip(...)

Research involving 15- and 16-year-olds found branded packets encourage young people to take up the habit, but that smokers would try to quit if all packets were the same. Photograph: PA Photo

Legislation to force tobacco companies to sell cigarettes in plain packages emblazoned with health warnings will be published shortly, Minister for Ja(...)