Pasi Sahlberg: “Judgment regarding how well students have learned and grown in school is a fundamental part of teachers’ professional portfolio”

Teaching in Ireland cannot be regarded as fully professionalised until teachers change the way they assess students, according to renowned educational(...)

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The most challenging issue for voluntary secondary schools is their management structure. It is often noted that Ireland is very fortunate to have mor(...)

Budget 2014: rearranging the money. Montage: Dearbhla Kelly. Original photographs: Peter Booth/E+/Getty and Duane Rieder/Stone/Getty

Is the Government going to take €3.1 billion or €2.5 billion out of next year’s spending when it announces Budget 2014 next week? Whatever the final f(...)

Students Ciaran Horan, Travis Fitzgerald, Addul Hajji, Kristian Hudson and Paul Cross from St Pauls CBS Secondary School Brunswick Street Dublin take a look at the report. Photograph:  David Sleator

Thirteen recommendations on the future of post-primary schooling have been proposed by a joint forum of educationalists, parent groups and teac(...)