Since the US senate committee hearing, Apple has said publicly that in fact, it never got a special Irish tax deal after all. If that is the case, you would expect it to seek to correct the record of the US committee meetings.

The European Commission has formally announced its investigation into the tax affairs in Ireland of Apple, but the fuse was first lit in May 2013.Then(...)

Just how beneficial can a loophole in Irish law be when a US multinational company exploits it to save close to a €1 billion in corporation tax(...)

 Minister for Finance Michael Noonan: announced in the last budget that he would close the taxation loophole as and from 2015.  Photograph: Eric Luke

The Government and Apple have come under public pressure following the publication by this newspaper yesterday of figures illustrating the rela(...)

Apple has been severely criticised in recent days Australia over its use of Ireland to avoid tax on profits earned there. Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

Apple Sales International was identified in recent US Senate hearings as one of the US tech giant’s “stateless” entities. It emerged at those h(...)

New documents certain to reignite anger in Ireland  and in the United States over the way large multinationals are able to manage their tax affairs. Photograph: Reuters

Detailed figures have emerged to illustrate how Apple has managed to pay almost no corporation tax for years on billions of dollars of revenue earn(...)

A woman on her Apple iPhone outside Government Buildings in Dublin yesterday. Photograph: Julien Behal/PA Wire

The pace of change in the world of globalised technology companies means the tax structures they operate are constantly in a state of review. D(...)

The Apple logo. Ireland has developed a reputation as a safe and efficient place in which to base your IP holding company as part of a global tax structure

Hardly a week passes these days without Ireland featuring in a controversy about aggressive tax planning by one of the world’s biggest multinat(...)