A majority of projects involving animals were in the category of pre-clinical testing of medicines for potency and pollutants. Photograph: Getty Images

Almost 225,000 animals were used in scientific procedures in Ireland last year, according to new figures. An annual report from the Health Product Reg(...)

Tomas Chipperfield training a lion ahead of a Duffy’s Circus performance in   2008.  After 25 years tigers and lions are no longer part of the act, a move which circus owner and ringmaster David Duffy has described as “the end of an era”. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Animal rights activists have welcomed the announcement by Duffy’s Circus that it will not use lions and tigers in its acts again this year and is unli(...)

Members of Animal Rights Action Network protesting outside the Department of Agriculture in Dublin yesterday. Photograph: Collins/Colin Keegan

More than 100 people protested outside the Department of Agriculture yesterday over the reopening of the live cattle trade to Libya, and vowed (...)