The Dark Knight Rises film mentioned a place called Sandy Hook. Months later, 20 children and six teachers were shot by a lone gunman at Sandy Hook Elementary School

Earlier this year, Italian scientists and data researchers set out to chart how conspiracy theories – the idea that a secret society, politician or(...)

The fact that mindfulness programmes are now one the most attended sessions in at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos is a sure sign that the ide(...)

A man on our road emerged at the start of January to pound the pavements in a stylish new tracksuit. He was overweight but at least he managed (...)

It’s decades now since a man who was involved with the banks asked an organisation I worked for to put on a pre-retirement course for bank managers. I(...)

Can giving be bad for you? Yes, if you’re giving to the wrong people, according to Prof Adam Grant of the University of Pennsylvania.Generally speakin(...)

There he is, hurrying along with a bouquet in one hand and one of those fancy carrier bags in the other. He is, we surmise, on his way home to his wif(...)

Grace was dating again. George, a close family friend she had known for a long time, was starting to stay overnight more often. Because she was past (...)

 Former psychotherapist Nessa Childers helped organise the conference on mental healthcare in Limerick. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

sTalk therapies are the most suitable treatment for the majority of mental health issues and could be made available at primary care level at no extra(...)