Legal adviser Lan He is surrounded by journalists as he arrives at a court ahead of a verdict hearing of Li Tianyi, in Beijing. Photograph: Reuters

A Chinese court jailed the teenage son of two celebrity army singers for ten years on Thursday for gang-raping a woman in a case that has fanned resen(...)

Li Tianyi performs during his solo concert at a odeum of China National Orchestra in Beijing, August 19th, 2011. The teenage son of a prominent Chinese general has denied his involvement in a gang rape, on the first day of his trial that has caused widespread public fury. Photograph: Reuters

Li Tianyi, the teenage son of a well-known People’s Liberation Army (PLA) singer, denied his involvement in a gang rape on the first day of his trial (...)

Entering through the Palladian portals of Burlington House, home of the Royal Academy of Arts, London, past the statue of Sir Joshua Reynolds, (...)