The Little Museum of Dublin is all that’s good about Dublin.’ Above, curator Simon O’Connor in the museum. Photograph: Eric Luke

(...)’d smell.”   Time for my interview We go to the Green Room, also called the Treasury Room(...)

Photograph: Siri Stafford/Getty Images

(...) calligraphy. There was no sign of a kitchen and no smell of cooking. He just disappeared through a door and(...)

 Dylan Thomas (1914-1953) in 1946: Mere mention of Wales for many is sufficient to ponder on the greatness of Dylan Thomas, a wayward genius whose eloquent fury continues to beguile, excite and inspire. Photograph: Picture Post / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

(...) candour. It is possible to even smell the grim docklands of Tiger Bay. In Remember Me (2004), her second(...)

In-flight: the standard advice is to go for full-bodied wines with low acid and plenty of ripe fruit. Champagne and other sparkling wines taste better, as the bubbles stimulate our senses (although they also increase the speed at which we ingest alcohol). Photograph: Thinkstock
High-flying wines

(...) can taste different at 35,000 feet. The dry atmosphere makes it difficult to smell, and accentuates(...)

 “I’m just delighted I survived. I still can’t believe it. I keep  reminding myself I’m only a whippersnapper. If I glimpse myself in a mirror, it’s like, who’s that?” Paula Meehan,  at her  home in Dublin. Photograph: Dave Meehan
Paula Meehan: the poet at 60

(...) granny would see her. “‘Out!’ she’d say. ‘Out.’ And up on her lap , the smell of kitchen and sleep. She(...)

Seamus Heaney. Photographer: Jack McManus

(...) ordinary domestic things (I can smell “the housed beasts”, I hear “the listening bedroom”); Hugh’s playful(...)

Some Strange Moon
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  • February 28, 2015, 05:00

(...) breathes the sharp smell of the mineral earth, warmed dust rising damply, and thinks: petrichor. The smell(...)

The Treachery of Images by René Magritte

(...) lonesome place to indulge this almost illicit habit.Yet, for all that, the smell and ritual associated with(...)

Bewley’s Cafe in Grafton Street. The famous coffee shop closed for a six-month refurbishment.  Photograph: Aidan Crawley

(...) smell the coffee roasting from down the street and you couldn’t resist coming in”.“It is the best coffee(...)

Alexander Lukirich: “The whole city is proud of the Malyshev plant. Almost every family in Kharkiv has had at least one member work here,” says the factory’s deputy production director. Photograph: Daniel McLaughlin

The cold air of the cavernous factory is cut with the smell of oil, mud and metal – the base(...)