(...) find yourself somewhere else. The smell of garlic sauteeing always reminds me of a small Italian(...)

Holly Lynott (winner): “We made it. This is my dado lighting the fire”

(...)-a rug, bottle of red, fresh baguette, a roast chicken from the charcuterie, oozing a glorious smell(...)

Philip Casey in 1999: That Casey is held in high regard by his peers is reflected in the fact that tonight’s event could not be opened to the public due to limitations of space, because so many of Casey’s literary colleagues wanted to be there in person to celebrate the man and the work. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

Indian Dreams of the River (for Terry and Kevin) I can no longer smell freedom on the river. A woman(...)

The family of pregnant Honduran teenager Nelsy Perez break open her coffin. Screengrab: Primer Impacto/Guardian 0:31

(...) been buried alive once they had recovered the coffin. “She didn’t smell bad or anything,” said Gladys(...)

(...), they don’t see it that way. The grounds are comprised of solid, hard, dry earth and the smell of warm(...)

Artist’s rendering of unit to remove CO2 from air. Any such machine must be able to run passively, “like a tree standing in the wind”, says Prof Klaus S Lackner, who has designed a prototype.

(...) dentist’s waiting room. Lackner’s trees neither look nor smell like the real thing. Rather they mimic(...)

Overcrowded and described as barbarous:  Cotel prison in Recife, Brazil. Photograph: Federal Police of Brazil

(...) used to describe the prison’s conditions were disgusting, cruel, barbarous and inhuman. A sickly smell(...)

Plane spotting folk out watching planes land at Dublin Airport.Photograph: Cyril Byrne / The Irish Times

(...) smell of aviation fuel,” Gerry Ward says. “Get that into your lungs.” As lines go it could rival Robert(...)

 Papal Nuncio Archbishop Charles Brown believes relations between Ireland and the Vatican are now “quite good and immensely improved from four years ago”. Photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times 4:21

(...) list of candidates.” ‘Smell of the sheep’ What is being sought is someone, in “the words of Pope(...)