‘If Barack Obama sniffs his own hand after shaking hands with Enda Kenny, the US president may simply be using his olfactory senses to confirm that the man he’s greeting really is the Taoiseach.’ Photograph: Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images

(...)? Animals rely on sense of smell for mating and for recognising other animals within their social group, and(...)

‘Our first instinct when confronted with anything out of the ordinary is to take out our phone and create a small, 2D, digital representation. The default way, as a tourist, to experience iconic buildings and sights is to take a photo. Doing so has become more important that actually experiencing it directly.’  Photograph: Getty Images

(...) as we can. Reality, unlike images, is in 3D, has smell, touch, and taste; it is multitrack, has(...)

Cathal Shine avoids the attentions of a London player during their Connacht quarter-final win in Ruislip. Photograph: Inpho

London 0-10 Roscommon 1-14 Out on the Emerald GAA Grounds pitch as the smell of beer and burgers(...)

“The Pashley PDQ is a lot more comfortable than conventional diamond-framed bikes,” says Andrew Robinson.  Photograph: Eric Luke

(...) deeply drink in the landscape. Each sense is on full alert, most of all the sense of smell, filing away(...)

(...) man loved and the kanga cut, over and over, hard on the wooden table and the smell of rotting meat met(...)

(...) pupate on the ground. They have a goat-like smell. Michael Viney welcomes observations at Thallabawn(...)

“Unsavoury” has replaced Micheál O’Hehir’s beloved “schemozzle” as the GAA’s favourite euphemism

(...), I could almost smell the burgers and the new-mown grass. Despite the wintry conditions in Ballybofey(...)

Gareth Colley, of Convent Lawns, Ballyfermot, Dublin pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to two charges of arson and attempting to unlawfully take a car on March 23rd, 2014.

(...) fleeing to an underground carpark of an apartment complex. Smell of smokeColley was later found there and(...)

Political reporter, Ursula Halligan, who made her personal case for a Yes vote this week. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

(...) emanating from the library as I pass Trinity College as students cram for their final exam. I can smell the(...)

There is a reason supermarkets are designed they way they are. The longer the aisles, the more we spend. Photograph: Getty Images

(...) smell of freshly baking bread through the air-conditioning system near their bakery because they know(...)