Ireland’s services sector grew at its fastest rate in nine years in June driven by increases in new business and prices charged. Investec’s latest Pur(...)

A New York-based software developer tweeted Google about the fact its app had  mistakenly labelled a black couple as being “gorillas”. Image via Twitter.

Google has said it is “appalled” its new Photos app mistakenly labelled a black couple as being “gorillas” and has removed the ‘gorilla’ tag from its (...)

“Fiat Chrysler has repeatedly failed to notify owners about recalls in a timely manner, in some cases weeks or months beyond the deadline to do so,” Jennifer Timian, head of the NHTSA’s office of recall management, told the hearing

Fiat Chrysler put its own customers and other drivers at risk by being too slow to notify drivers about faults and failing to provide critical informa(...)

Sir, – As director of Amnesty Ireland Colm O’Gorman is concerned, following the publication of the number of terminations under the Protection of Life(...)

Sir, – I want to congratulate Jonathan Drennan on his article in the Generation Emigration series (“Sometimes you have to go far away to realise where(...)

Sir, – The latest revelations from Hiqa concerning yet another institution for persons with disabilities (“Risk of ‘all forms of abuse’ at Cheeverstow(...)

A chara, – It is somewhat refreshing to read Minister for Health Leo Varadkar (Opinion, July 1st) stating clearly that our health system needs additio(...)

Sir, – Garrett O’Carroll (Letters,June 30th) is right! But the 12oz americano exists only because the coffee scene is dominates by US chains — the Am(...)

Tax defaulters and medics

Sir, – David McCabe (Letters, July 1st) suggests the State makes no payments to medical consultants without production of a tax clearance certifica(...)

Sir, – The release of the list of 1916 medal recipients is a welcome addition to the historiography of the Easter Rising. The Military Archives does (...)