Social Democrat (SPD) labour minister Andrea Nahles is sponsoring  a Bill that strips non-German EU citizens of all claims on the German welfare system in their first five years, unless they have acquired credits by working. Photograph:  Odd Andersen/AFP/Getty Images

Berlin’s grand coalition government is preparing a welfare lock-out for non-German EU citizens during their first five years living in Germany. The (...)

For years   Berlin tenants’ associations have called for action on the largely unregulated holiday let sector, arguing it prices regular Berliners out of the housing market. Photograph:  Thomas Trutschel/Getty Images

Berlin tenants are cheering – and Berlin tourists fuming – after Airbnb purged thousands of apartments from its online letting portal ahead of a crack(...)

The head of a 19m high statue of former Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin  on display at the permanent exhibition “Revealed: Berlin and its Monuments” in Berlin’s Spandau Citadel museum. Photograph: John MacDougall/AFP/Getty Images

It rained when Lenin was banished from Berlin in 1991. It was raining again in Berlin when Lenin returned on Wednesday, 25 years later. Considering t(...)

Charging an electric car. As VW negotiates the terms of compensation, engine fixes and car recalls for its massive fraud in the US, it stands to benefit from a German e-car stimulus programme co-financed by taxpayers and the industry.

German consumer groups have attacked plans for a €5,000 bonus to subsidise the purchase of German electric cars, days after Volkswagen agreed $5,000 i(...)

Presidential candidate Norbert Hofer (R) and head of the Austrian Freedom party Heinz-Christian Strache (L) react to the presidential election results in Vienna, Austria. Photograph: Heinz-Peter Bader/Reuters

A minor earthquake measuring 4.1 on the Richter scale shook Vienna yesterday, hours after a major political earthquake rocked the Alpine republic. A(...)

Barack Obama during his visit to Hanover, Germany: Mr Obama said the world needed a “strong and prosperous and democratic and united Europe”. Photograph: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

US president Barack Obama played commander- and salesman-in-chief at the Hanover trade fair yesterday, urging Europe to buy more American goods – and(...)

Barack Obama and Angela Merkel on his trip to Germany for an industrial fair and to meet European leaders.  Photograph: Michael Ukas/Getty

US president Barack Obama has insisted the transatlantic trade deal (TTIP) will not undermine EU ecological and social standards. He also predicted th(...)

 Mozart is now hugely popular with children in China

Imagine the reaction if Chinese investors moved in to snap up Volkswagen. Following the shock and awe in Germany, media comment around the world would(...)

Interior of the Manufactum shop in Stuttgart

Whenever something breaks in my hands – a dynamo, a pen, a pan – a German friend pops up from nowhere to lecture me that “Billig gekauft ist zweimal g(...)

The deal will cover up to 500,000 cars. Photograph: Reuters

US Volkswagen drivers with manipulated diesel engines will be offered compensation and the option of having their car fixed or bought back by the Germ(...)