Before it all started to go horribly wrong in Vault 774

Fallout Shelter showed me one thing very clearly: I am not cut out to be an Overseer. If the low morale among the dwellers unfortunate enough to inhab(...)

Petrel Resources chairman John Teeling. Photograph: Dave Meehan

Losses at Petrel Resources widened to almost €3 million in 2014 as impairments in its exploration and evaluation assets reached more than €2.5 millio(...)

Order 66 says its Batman 3D costume can be recreated, in about four weeks, with the correct proportions

Galway studio Order 66 Workshop and Effects is taking Batman fandom to new levels of realism, with a 3D-printed replica of the Gotham hero’s costume.(...)

Ireland has been leading in elearning going back about 30 years

Ireland is poised to take advantage of the expected growth in the educational technology industry, with the potential to create jobs and boost the eco(...)

Eircom Wholesale’s fibre broadband, which offers speeds of up to 100Mb per second, currently extends to 1.2 million homes throughout the State, covering about half of the households and businesses in the country

Eircom Wholesale has signed a deal with Pure Telecom that is set to be worth about €20 million over the next two years. Under the deal, the whole com(...)

Real world, meet digital world. Digital, meet real. Osmo combines both into an iPad game that’s aimed at children, but let’s be honest, you’ll probabl(...)

It may not be the snappiest of names, but the Sony SRS-X11 is better than it sounds. The device is a small cube speaker, one of the company’s smallest(...)

Myle Tap:  not only will it save your musings for later reference, it can also launch applications on your smartphone without you ever having to touch it

Just when you thought we’d reached peak wearable, along comes the Myle Tap. The Myle Tap, the spiel goes, is a “thought catcher”. That description ma(...)

Photograph: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

Venture-backed medical firm Radisens Diagnostics has been awarded a €4.5 million grant under the Horizon 2020 programme, as it develops a device tha(...)

  Imagine a world where cities have fallen into ruin, reclaimed by nature. In third-person action RPG Horizon Zero Dawn the modern age has(...)