The new LAX VIP service will cost from $1,500

Tech start-ups to boost business travel to Africa According to the World Bank technology start-ups are flourishing across Africa and will help boost e(...)

Band made: You can join Hozier (centre) on a charity version of David Bowie’s ‘Changes’

A very unusual fund-raising single was launched earlier this month in aid of the men’s cancer charity Movember. The record is a cover version of the (...)

Teenaged girls in the Netherlands are  more likely to become “anxious” about rejection if their posts are not “liked” by their friends and shared with approval among their peers. Photograph:  Karen Bleier/Getty Images/AFP

One out of six Dutch teenagers – nearly 17 per cent – between the ages of 12 and 18 admits to being addicted to social media – “unable to function” wi(...)

WHAT’S HOT Lego’s anti-Lego slippers A clever present that will spare parents the uniquely torturous pain of stepping barefoot on the seemingly(...)

“As the internet continues to evolve we must be careful not to allow hard-won consumer protections to be undermined through inaction”

The internet has transformed many aspects of our society. Often, regulation and the law in general do not keep up with these developments, and there i(...)

When you think about it, considering the huge popularity of music videos on the platform and the fact that it has launched more than a few careers, it(...)

The free app launched in the US earlier this year and has already been downloaded more than 10 million times

YouTube has launched its family friendly video app YouTube Kids in Ireland, with content from Irish creators alongside established favourites such as (...)

A survey of the 600 business leaders in attendance at the PwC forum found 39.7 per cent had experienced a cyber attack in the last year. Photograph: Getty Images

The cyber threat landscape is bigger than ever in 2015, with social engineering methods such as fake emails becoming more sophisticated, according to (...)

Google Cardboard and YouTube have combined to form what can only be called the Oculus Thrift. Armed with your smartphone and the cheap as chips Google(...)

The survey shows the number of Irish people with a smartphone has almost doubled in the last three years.

Irish adults are growing increasingly addicted to the Internet with almost 20 per cent of people admitting to going online practically every waking ho(...)