John Hourican  joined Bank of Cyprus from Royal Bank of Scotland’s investment banking arm.

Dublin born banker John Hourican is set to return to Cyprus after agreeing a contract to lead the Bank of Cyprus as group chief executive for a furth(...)

John Hourican is returning to Ireland after being with Bank of Cyprus since November 2013

Outgoing Bank of Cyprus chief executive John Hourican, who is set to return home to Dublin shortly having resigned from the position, has been named ‘(...)

John Hourican: rejects speculation his return to Ireland is linked to seeking to become the new chief executive of AIB in succession to David Duffy.

Irish banking executive John Hourican has resigned from his role as chief executive of Bank of Cyprus to return to his home in Dublin where his wife(...)

Former Deutsche Bank  chief executive Josef Ackermann has been nominated as chairman of Bank of Cyprus.

Ackermann used his clout as head of Deutsche Bank to help save the euro by negotiating the biggest debt restructuring in history. Now, he’s been tappe(...)

The new building of the European Central Bank  is illuminated while dominating the skyline of Frankfurt. Photograph: Frank Rumpenhorst/EPA

At around noon today, the euro zone’s 130 biggest banks will receive the European Central Bank’s final verdict on their finances after a review aimed (...)

Former RBS investment banker John Hourican, now the chief executive of embattled Bank of Cyprus (BoC), wore a distinct air of satisfaction when I spok(...)

Wilbur Ross: reported to be leading a group that agreed to invest €400 million in Cyprus’s biggest bank via a private placement. Photograph: David Sleator

The archbishop of Cyprus has taken the unusual step of urging thousands of small investors in the island’s biggest bank to reject a €1 billion share s(...)

John Hourican: starting to make his mark as the chief executive of Bank of Cyprus. Photograph: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

John Hourican is starting to make his mark as the chief executive of Bank of Cyprus, the crisis-addled institution he took over last October.The Dubli(...)

Bank of Cyprus is to date the only bank in the euro zone which used its own clients’ savings to recapitalise, instead of burdening the taxpayer

Cypriot lender Bank of Cyprus will release €950 million in time deposits frozen under a recapitalisation arrangement last year which bailed-in its ow(...)

It appears to have been the clash of the Irish-connected in the race to land the top job at beleaguered Bank of Cyprus. Irishman John Hourican (43) wa(...)