I am nothing if not a slow learner, which is why it has taken me so long to realise that my breathing is all over the shop. In an ideal world, I would breathe every three strokes, alternating between my left and right sides. But this is far from an ideal world

Dominique McMullan: ‘I am falling in love with swimming’ I think at this point everyone pretty much knows I am falling in love with swimming. If I cou(...)

‘Consumers need to put more pressure on the banks by threatening to switch their business’

Paul from Dublin has been in touch with a story we think is instructive. He says he succeeded in persuading Bank of Ireland to reduce the interest (...)

The mobile maze – by design or by accident – is always working against consumers, but they can fight back. Illustration: Getty Images

Have you any idea how much it costs to make a five-minute peak-time phone call in Ireland today? Outside of your bundled minutes, that is? For that(...)

Will queues for property rentals become a common sight  in Dublin once again?  Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Rent went up by how much last year? It depends where you live and whether you want to hear the scary or the not-so-scary numbers. What are you talkin(...)

Almost 30,000 retired teachers, special need assistants and clerical officers have been left without their pensions  after an error by  Department of Education officials. Photograph: Alan Betson

Almost 30,000 retired teachers, special need assistants and clerical officers have been left without their pensions this week after an error by offici(...)

Suzanne Costello chief executive of Alcohol Action Ireland: ‘Like most systems of self-regulation in Ireland, the alcohol industry’s codes have proven to be wholly ineffective and has done nothing to protect the young and vulnerable members of our society from alcohol harm.’ Photograph: Bryan O’Brien / The Irish Times

An opportunity to make a major difference to the health of future generations will be spurned by failure to tackle alcohol marketing, the Joint Commit(...)

Over the final three months of 2014, rents rose slightly in Dublin, notably in the apartment sector. Photograph: The Irish Times

The cost of renting a home in Dublin climbed by more than €1,200 last year – over four times more than the rate of increase recorded elsewhere in t(...)

Irish Water criticised the leaking of plans to allow it have water bills deducted from salaries.

Leaks from within Government about proposed legislative changes which would allow Irish Water deduct unpaid charges from people’s wages or social welf(...)

People on a guided tour at Glasnevin Cemetery stop by Éamon de Valeras grave. The Glasnevin Trust has been accused of anti-competitive practices in its funeral services. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill/The Irish Times.

The largest provider of funeral services in Ireland, which was accused of anti-competitive practices, has agreed to make significant changes to how it(...)

Residential property prices fell by 0.4 per cent nationally last month, with the decline in Dublin rising to 0.7 per cent, according to the latest off(...)