Women at work

Things have changed for women over the past 40 years. Before 1973, most women in Ireland were forced to leave their job on marriage. But Ireland’s 197(...)

A common assumption in the equality debate is that men lead a relatively charmed existence, and equality is a process of women “catching up”. But men (...)

Back in the early 1960s, women made up 25 per cent of the workforce and earned less than half of what men did

If, as former US secretary of state Madeleine Albright asserted, “there is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women”, then there m(...)

Lorraine Stanley of AIB Patrick Street, Cork. Photograph: Michael Mac Sweeney/Provision

“I joined straight from school because my mother told me to,” she jokes. “We did what our mothers told us to do and they thought the bank was the best(...)

Dr Mary Murphy, Dept of Sociology, NUI Maynooth: “Women tend to be bunched into a narrow range of occupation types which are lower paid.”  Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

February 28th, 2013, will not have been circled on most working women’s calendars, yet the date has particular significance for that exact cohort, mar(...)

Dr Margret Fine-Davis of TCD: “Men are not seeing what women are seeing and feeling.” Photograph: Eric Luke/Irish Times

If behind every great man there’s a great woman, a cliché with origins that go back a century, who is behind every great woman? Well, he may be a misu(...)

Michelle McBride (39),  retail director for Butlers Chocolates. “I work, but I am a mother too and I think that’s part of my job.” Photograph: Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Michelle McBrideMichelle McBride joined Butlers Chocolate 16 years ago as a graduate and is now the company’s retail director. Married with two childr(...)

Many of our childcare services are characterised by underpaid staff, weak enforcement of standards and a poor focus on quality education. Yet we’re(...)

Kevin Webster at home in Dolphin’s Barn, Dublin, in 1995 with his sons Naoise McTeirnan and Finbarr McTeirnan. Photograph: Derek Speirs

I love slogans, and “the personal is political” is possibly my favourite. No one knows who coined it but it has been embedded in my family’s heads fo(...)

Nathan O’Reilly, Glenageary, Co Dublin. Photograph: Eric Luke

Nathan O’Reilly (21), a media studies student at Dublin Institute of Technology, grew up in Glenageary, Co Dublin, the youngest of four boys. His fath(...)