The Modular Body: online storytelling project

Stem cell research has come a long way: we can now programme entire units of human tissue to be anything we want them to be. And like Lego blocks, the(...)

Year-on-year Mac OS X seems to be gaining in popularity with coders

Stack Overflow, a question and answer website for developers, recently conducted a large survey of its users, receiving more than 26,000 responses. In(...)

News Feed: promises to be more diverse

It’s that time of the year again, when Facebook tweaks its News Feed algorithm. This new tweak promises more relevant stories based on two significant(...)

Apple products: One user reported that their iPod, purchased 2004, has been running steadily for the past decade

After ploughing several thousand euro into a new MacBook Air or more than €18,000 into an 18-carat gold Apple Watch (you’ve only yourself to blame), h(...)

Sidewalk Labs: to create an entire “digital district” in a US city?

Since Alphabet (the company formerly known as Google Inc) launched Sidewalk Labs last year, everyone has been wondering what exactly this “lab” does. (...)

Hub Keyboard: started life as a project from Microsoft Garage

As a regular user of Word and OneNote, I can see the appeal of a keyboard designed to bring Microsoft products together inside whatever app you’re usi(...)

Linking to copyrighted material already available on the internet is not in itself an act of copyright infringement according to European Court of Jus(...)

Pockulus is made by Next Thing, an American company that pioneered the world’s first $9 computer

If you’re willing to 3D print the actual headset, Pockulus CHIP may be the VR headset for you. For $49 you get the PocketCHIP computer, which is a han(...)

Decision comes following security and privacy blips

The Facebook-owned messaging service WhatsApp has just announced full end-to-end encryption. What’s up with this and what does it mean for its one bil(...)

Stephen Hawking duels with Albert Einstein in Science Kombat, a new web-based game by Brazilian magazine Superinteressante and Pixel Art animations

Finally, a game for Mortal Kombat fans who also love science! This retro-styled beat ‘em up complete with 8-bit soundtrack is a homage to Mortal Komba(...)