So, what’s Her Story?

‘Her Story’ is a FMV (full motion video) game that draws you in hook, line and sinker. I know what you’re thinking: those crappy FMV games with repeti(...)

Here in Europe, Spotify rules the roost when it comes to streaming music. However, having launched on Monday, Apple Music looks set to change all of t(...)

Remember the Choose Your Own Adventure book series? Imagine this but on an Apple Watch. Instead of reading through until you come to a point in the bo(...)

‘Descartes’ Meditations, Bro’: ‘Sometimes I really do dream crazy s*** like my face is not a face, it is instead a paper cup filled with Jell-O and booze.’

Could I convince you to read Meditations on First Philosophy, a work by René Descartes considered to be the founding text of modern philosophy? What i(...)

‘The Fallen of World War II’: 18-minute online documentary was written, directed, coded and narrated by data-viz expert and documentary maker Neil Halloran.

Although data visualisation is a relatively new phenomenon, it can be used to great effect when helping us understand historical events. A case in poi(...)

When users visit the Twitter pages of participating celebs they will see a ‘browse collection’.

In an effort to sort of the tweet from the chaff, Twitter has decided to gather hand-curated content into collections from various celebrities and bra(...)

Newsfeed’s revised algorithms: not so good for creepers and lurkers.

‘Likes’, clicks and page views are some of the most important factors for how Facebook serves up personalised content to its users. As useful as this(...) listings and useful blog posts on everything from the benefits of Bikram yoga  to the origin of Buddhist prayer beads.

Next Sunday is International Yoga Day, so why not use it as an opportunity to learn a little more about this ancient Indian practice? Irish website t(...)

There’s a lot to be said for the loving restoration of classic computer games for smartphone and tablet platforms. We kidults can luxuriate in touchsc(...)

Paper by FiftyThree is an award-winning sketch/drawing app for the iPad. Using a stylus or your finger, it serves as a sketchbook but isn’t just for a(...)