The Grid also tracks mentions of your brand across the web and gathers a press section, all you have to do is hit “publish”

I’m not saying that web designers should be shaking in their boots but they might want to keep an eye on the Grid. This platform is powered by Artific(...)

The Rocket and Squash food blog scours the weekend food supplements in British broadsheets and compiles a “best of” for your reading pleasure

Comedian Dylan Moran aptly summed up the modern misguided obsession for gourmet food when he described the goggle-eyed 9-to-5-er planted firmly on the(...)

Momento has several things going for it. Not only does it collate activity from a wide array of social media apps, it is also very attractively design(...)

Ugh. To-do lists are so tedious. I’m a chronic list maker and while it’s satisfying to tick tasks off as you complete them it’s not very exciting. But(...)

Last week Facebook introduced the option to nominate a legacy contact to look after the account of a deceased user, which is more important than you w(...)

As a sensible(ish) person I wouldn’t touch payday lenders like Wonga with any category of pole but I do like the idea of community-driven micro-loans (...)

As we all know, part of Wikipedia’s functionality is its organised, categorised and linked webpages (I’ve lots hours to the art of “wikisurfing” from (...)

Ever since the introduction of iOS 8 the notification centre widget has been largely overlooked by most big name apps. It’s a great way to catch up on(...)

Perhaps best known for hosting the Golden Globes with Tina Fey for four years running, comedian Amy Poehler also plays the hard-working, waffle-loving(...)

A Brazilian Contemporary Cultural Centre has come up with a novel way of engaging social media users with literature. Barco’s thinking seems to be tha(...)