Science comics are a small but fast-growing niche aimed not only at children but also adults. In fact, many of these graphic novels have sophisticated(...)

Uncivil comments are assumed to be a normal part of the web; where there is freedom of speech and the ability to be anonymous, we must allow all voice(...)

Amit Agarwal has been blogging about tech for over a decade. He has also developed some pretty cool Twitter tools including First Tweet, a search engi(...)

iIrish software company Puca says it has plans to develop apps with Apple’s ResearchKit, while the Insight Centre for Data Analytics is evaluating its potential.

“Apple” and “revolutionise” are perhaps too often used in the same sentence but with the release of its ResearchKit API it is possible the Cupertino-(...)

CleanMyMac 3’a features include  a slew of maintenance options.

I’m a long-time user and big fan of CleanMyMac since purchasing the original version back in 2010. It has always been great at freeing up disk space a(...)

Unbubble doesn’t store any user data and encrypts its internet connection as well as the user’s origin.

Search-engine neutrality is a difficult one. We know that companies can pay to get their advertised links pushed to the top of results and this era of(...)

Microsoft’s new streamlined Edge browser

Microsoft’s new streamlined Edge browser From January 12th, 2016, Microsoft will cease to support all older versions of the Internet Explorer web brow(...)

Does Not Commute is a vexing iOS game that is part driving simulation, part exercise in timing. The objective is to control the evening traffic in a f(...)

The Letters of 1916 is the first crowd-sourced humanities project to take place in Ireland. This joint initiative between Trinity College Dublin, Mayn(...)

Name a comic and if it’s not already a movie, it is probably being converted into a Hollywood-friendly script right now. The Marvel universe is showin(...)