Uck, the world is, like, so full of bad news right now? I just want to read articles on hamsters using phone covers as sleeping bags and the top autum(...)

Wiki Loves Monuments is the world’s largest photography competition and the Wikimedia Ireland Community is running it this year. The idea behind the c(...)

There are scores of iPhone apps out there that allow you to save articles for reading later, but Sight is unique in that it works on the basis of savi(...)

Share your faves with Netflix

Streaming entertainment service Netflix already gives the option of connecting with friends through Facebook, but what this means is that everyone in (...)

Make your Instagrampics Matter

Last night’s dinner, baby in cute outfit, cat falling off seat, pouting selfie, the list goes on … Instagram can be so mundane. So why not spice up yo(...)

Back to school brain training

Now that the kids are back in school it’s a good time to polish your own cognitive skills. Lumosity is a brain training service that generates a train(...)

Google’s version of Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote has arrived on iOS as a standalone app, giving users the ability to create a slide show on t(...)

Sweet, sweet analytics! Every online content creator, from jobbing comedians to lobbying politicians (and us writers!) desires knowledge of audience i(...)

Edgy, arty video with Hyperlapse

Instagram’s new Hyperlapse app (iOS only now but Android is in the works) transforms mundane video shot on your smartphone into arty and edgy time-lap(...)

Journalist Tim Herrara had a suspicion that his Facebook news feed wasn’t reflecting the immediacy and volume of updates from his friends. So he ran a(...)