Streaming music is wonderful. Being stalked by the provider of said music service is not. While the usual attitude to T&Cs is TL;DR (too long; did(...)

Yahoo! Weather: background images are pulled from geotagged Flickr photos

Irish summers usually dictate that we should have an umbrella, rain jacket, flip-flops and a bottle of sun cream on hand at all times. Surely there(...)

Project sunroof: based on your address, it can estimate the hours of available sunlight per year and the square footage available for solar panels

Googler Carl Elkin has been working on a particularly interesting 20 per cent project that leverages the power of Google Maps and Google Earth. Projec(...)

Cinime: comes packed full of movie-related games

Cinime is a new app that uses your smartphone for a better movie-going experience. One of the most useful functions is the movie trailers tab, listed (...)

Now there is no longer a 140-character limit to private messaging

Slowly but surely Twitter is being transformed: new functionalities, plenty of user interface tweaks, promoted tweets, “while you were away” highlight(...)

iTranslate: the premium version costs €4.99 and is worth it for the voice recognition functionality but also ridding the app of slightly annoying ads that sit on the bottom of the screen

The most irritating ting about being away is having to speak foreign, no? I jest, but in reality, the Irish aren’t the most multilingual of holiday-go(...)

Sywork: Twitch for artists and illustrators

When Twitch launched a few years back, it didn’t seem possible that a live streaming video platform where you watched people play videogames could be (...)

Reddit’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) is a great example of how the internet can enrich our lives. It’s a platform where anyone can pose any question they li(...)

After waiting to see how Periscope and Meerkat played out, Facebook has announced its own live streaming video feature. The difference is that Faceboo(...)

Crystal: “personality detection” software helps compose the perfect email

There are some universally acknowledged rules on email composition: never leave the subject line empty and, by and large, avoid beginning with “Dear S(...)