A team of researchers at the University of Texas at Austin and the Auckland Medical School, New Zealand, has developed a programme that indicates pers(...)

If you’ve ever suspected that politicians regurgitate a load of clichéd guff, this web tool will help confirm your suspicions. Polifiller. com is a si(...)

Google+ rebranded, not dead

One year ago, chief architect of Google+, Yonatan Zunger, said of the social networking site: “We’ve gone from being a crazy idea to being one of the (...)

Now that Apple is everywhere, it may be time for techno-hipsters to pledge allegiance to Microsoft. This is not the ‘Excel spreadsheets’ Microsoft of (...)

Whether you’re a blogger or run a website, getting fresh, high-quality graphics regularly can be costly. The all-you-can-eat pricing model has worked(...)

The L-Space Web has been around for many years. As the most comprehensive resource for fans of the late, great Sir Terry Pratchett and his magical Dis(...)

Virtual winemaking

Why not earn a certificate in viticulture – aka wine science – from the comfort of your couch while sipping on chilled Chardonnay? Wine101x is one of(...)

Microsoft Office for Mac has been looking a little dated in comparison to its PC, tablet and smartphone counterparts. While these all got a significan(...)

The worst thing about lugging contacts from laptop to smartphone to webmail provider is that, over the years, one tends to gather a whole lot of dupli(...)

Google Earth’s Street View has brought ever more remote regions of the world to our computer screens. Last year we were treated to a camel’s-eye-view (...)