More than two-thirds of teenagers in a survey were unable to distinguish between search engine results and the sponsored links or ads featured above them as returned by Google

While the majority (72 per cent) of young teenagers (those aged 12-15) are wary of online interactions, believing most people behave differently onlin(...)

Hip cat: soothing sounds for feline friends. Photograph: Monty Fresco/Topical Press Agency/Getty Images

Someone has composed music just for cats. No, really. And it’s not that bad. US composer David Teie has spent the last six years developing his scient(...)

Now Google Maps (for Android) allows you to download a whole area

It seems like 3G or 4G coverage disappears when you need it most: lost and relying on Google Maps but with no signal. Now Google Maps (for Android) al(...)

When you think about it, considering the huge popularity of music videos on the platform and the fact that it has launched more than a few careers, it(...)

Web Log: Firefox arrives on iOS

Finally Mozilla has released a Firefox web browser app for iOS! Before Google Chrome came along Firefox was the ultimate alternative to Microsoft Expl(...)

Trusted sources: Facebook’s media partners include ‘Huffington Post’, ‘Vanity Fair’, ‘Wired’, and the ‘New York Times’

Facebook has made no secret of its interest in news. With 1.55 billion active monthly users, it is well placed to monitise this and began to do so ear(...)

Google Cardboard and YouTube have combined to form what can only be called the Oculus Thrift. Armed with your smartphone and the cheap as chips Google(...)

George RR Martin, author of the Game of Thrones series of books, revealed last week that we should “expect something bittersweet in the end”. Correct (...)

Attention Android users! Beware of third-party app stores outside of Google Play. Smartphone security company Lookout warns that these stores are rife(...)

When researchers at Google first began testing out a new feature for Inbox called Smart Reply, it got a little awkward. The well-meaning software ofte(...)