Star Wars download

These aren’t the downloads you’re looking for. It’s Star Wars, Jim, but not as we know it. While fans rejoiced at finally being able to download all s(...)

The free version of SumAll is a decent tool for tracking your social media activity, such as follower count and audience reach. However, a company who(...)

Elevate is LinkedIn’s new content-sharing tool for companies and their employees. The idea behind Elevate is to leverage the social media activity of (...)

No, really, Google Cardboard is a thing. It is a cardboard case for your smartphone that works in conjunction with compatible apps such as Seene to p(...)

Earlier this year messaging platform WhatsApp reached 700 million monthly users, 70 per cent of whom use it on a daily basis. This represents a huge l(...)

3D blockbusters have not proved to be the saviour of cinema, nor were 3D TV’s the next big thing in home entertainment but 3D smartphone apps are chea(...)

A team of researchers at the University of Texas at Austin and the Auckland Medical School, New Zealand, has developed a programme that indicates pers(...)

If you’ve ever suspected that politicians regurgitate a load of clichéd guff, this web tool will help confirm your suspicions. Polifiller. com is a si(...)

Google+ rebranded, not dead

One year ago, chief architect of Google+, Yonatan Zunger, said of the social networking site: “We’ve gone from being a crazy idea to being one of the (...)

Now that Apple is everywhere, it may be time for techno-hipsters to pledge allegiance to Microsoft. This is not the ‘Excel spreadsheets’ Microsoft of (...)