This sprawling behemoth of a double album – 52 tracks in all – begins in an Irish setting, the Roscrae of the title track, before taking fligh(...)

The concept of performative silence is intriguing – that what is left unsaid can mean as much as what is uttered. John Convertino agrees. “We make sur(...)

This is the sound of a man on a mission – to restore his good name. His good name, that is, for what he terms “that collision of Bill Mon(...)

Handel: Orlando | Album Review
  • Music
  • April 3, 2015, 00:30

When it premiered in London in 1733, Orlando was spectacular production involving the supernatural and scenes that required wind and thunder machin(...)

The idea of a four-disc box set seems a bizarre inversion for a band who in their short time together managed to release only one album. A(...)

What is a 25-year-old Chicago-based acoustic guitarist doing picking up the scent of the 1970s British folk-jazz movement? Well, Walker li(...)

If medals were awarded for service beyond the call of making Ireland safe for country music, then Niall Toner would be bent over with the weight of(...)

Songs have lives. And great songs can have great and interesting lives. Take Blackbirds, a haunting song of murderous circumstance first h(...)

Hollyweird actor supreme Chuck Norris ludicrously warned in 2012 that “a vote for Obama would bring a thousand years of darkness”. It set (...)

If David Lynch were to reset Blue Velvet in the wilds of West Cork, then Anna Mitchell’s evocative, dark songs of life and love’s painful kiss woul(...)