If Canadian-Swedish singer-songwriter Sarah MacDougall’s last album, 2011’s The Greatest Ones Alive, was earthy soul-searching, then this coll(...)

For his somewhat tardy follow-up to his promising alt.country 2012 debut, Feathers & Fishhooks, Nashville music child Rayland Baxter (his (...)

The disruption in the music business caused by the digital age has worked out well for those with a late calling such as 53-year-old David Cor(...)

During the 1980s Michael Dowd worked the meanest possible streets of New York as a patrolman with NYPD’s 75th division. There were 100 murders in o(...)

Drenched in tear-shaped guilt, giddy bouffant arrangements and deliciously retro references, this weird but winning homage to classic rhinesto(...)

In 2013 Jason Isbell released one of those rare records that grows in stature. “It was nice”, he told Rolling Stone, “that Southeastern took off the w(...)

Muddy Waters 100 | Album review
  • Music
  • July 24, 2015, 00:00

This lively tribute album featuring some of the great bluesman’s surviving comrades sits awkwardly on the disputed date of his birth. Reco(...)

Covers albums come in many shades – tributes, concepts and, potentially most interesting, personal journeys such as Sing Into My Mouth. Iron and Wi(...)

Compared to the forthcoming Thirty Trips Around the Sun, an 80-CD box set of 30 complete, previously unissued shows, this 32-track double CD of stu(...)

“I talk about things that have made an impression on me that a lot of people everywhere are going through.” Kacey Musgraves was speaking a(...)