Suitably strange as it may seem, this is literally a soundtrack to a ghost story. And if the idea of a ghost story prompts raised e(...)

By October 1980, when his fifth album, The River, was released, Bruce Springsteen and his trusty E-Street Band were so hot that, in Phil Lynot(...)

Neil Young marked his reunion with the Reprise label in 1988 with an uncharacteristic blues and soul workout entitled This Note’s For You – th(...)

“Songs have new life breathed into them every time they are sung,” says Natalie Merchant. “Time has changed them as much as it has change(...)

“Our music definitely hearkens [back to] another era,” says Nicki Bluhm, “but at the same time, we want it to be contemporary. Reflective(...)

We sometimes forget the sheer size of the US and the number of great bands of whom we have never heard, even in this access-all-areas age. (...)

It’s a tough gig trying to get back up on that horse when you haven’t been in the saddle for 10 years. Texan country star Clint Black was (...)

Those eagerly awaiting a new Gillian Welch album need to adjust expectations. Welch and partner guitarist extraordinaire Dave Rawlings hav(...)

Don Henley: Cass County | Album Review
  • Music
  • September 25, 2015, 00:00

With characteristic modesty, Don Henley recently observed that he didn’t know how his new album (his first solo work in 15 years) would be received – (...)

The title may be misleadingly topical as may be the somewhat disconcerting preoccupation with morbidity, but that should not deter investigati(...)