Ben Reel: 7th | Album Review
  • Music
  • May 29, 2015, 00:00

Calling your new album by its numerical sequence seems to signify either a pompous regard for its importance or, perhaps, a paucity of inspiration.(...)

Gavin Glass’s impressive fourth album of what is now fancifully termed “Eirecana” strikes a reflective, almost melancholic note. The sense(...)

After a lifetime playing in other people’s shadows, notably those of Mary Black and Christy Moore, guitarist-producer Declan Sinnott has found his (...)

If you chance upon a fiddle-carrying Canadian with a pair of flying feet in the coming weeks don’t be alarmed. It’s just April Verch and h(...)

This sprawling behemoth of a double album – 52 tracks in all – begins in an Irish setting, the Roscrae of the title track, before taking fligh(...)

The concept of performative silence is intriguing – that what is left unsaid can mean as much as what is uttered. John Convertino agrees. “We make sur(...)

This is the sound of a man on a mission – to restore his good name. His good name, that is, for what he terms “that collision of Bill Mon(...)

Handel: Orlando | Album Review
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  • April 3, 2015, 00:30

When it premiered in London in 1733, Orlando was spectacular production involving the supernatural and scenes that required wind and thunder machin(...)

The idea of a four-disc box set seems a bizarre inversion for a band who in their short time together managed to release only one album. A(...)

What is a 25-year-old Chicago-based acoustic guitarist doing picking up the scent of the 1970s British folk-jazz movement? Well, Walker li(...)