In keeping with the spirit of the times, Lucinda Williams’s new double-album of crafted, mostly saturnine Americana is weighed down with woe. De(...)

Mongrel State are mongrel or mestizo by nature and by name. This four-piece Irish band features four nationalities (Irish, Italian, Spanish, Argent(...)

“The music I play I call SoCal country,” says Sam Outlaw. “It’s country music but with a southern Californian spirit to it” – in other words, sunn(...)

The fortune referred to by this exemplar of gritty Americana is of the “wheel of . . . ” variety. Rod Picott is interested in chance, though the(...)

In these torrid times a new year can indeed feel like a carnival of hopes. But North Carolina singer-songwriter Jane Kramer mixes sweet good feeling (...)

Eric Church plays country but his country is a broad church, so to speak. This album comes as a winter surprise, Beyoncé-like, unheralded as if (...)

This is essentially a live version of Nick Lowe’s outstanding seasonal album of 2013, Quality Street – A Seasonal Selection For All The Family. (...)

“It was earthy, dreamlike, warm, powerful and jagged. It had the capacity to be both melancholic and joyful – of course Marry Waterson could tell (...)

Suitably strange as it may seem, this is literally a soundtrack to a ghost story. And if the idea of a ghost story prompts raised e(...)

By October 1980, when his fifth album, The River, was released, Bruce Springsteen and his trusty E-Street Band were so hot that, in Phil Lynot(...)