Remember back at CES in January there was talk about the Rocket Skates? They’re now available to pre-order. No longer will you have to get somewhere u(...)

In Ireland, there’s one thing we’re not short of: moisture. So when it comes to home devices, you might be more familiar with a dehumidifier, the type(...)


About a year ago, Nest bought Dropcam, a US-based company that made wifi streaming cameras. Now the company is bringing a new version to Europe: Nest (...)

Real world, meet digital world. Digital, meet real. Osmo combines both into an iPad game that’s aimed at children, but let’s be honest, you’ll probabl(...)

It may not be the snappiest of names, but the Sony SRS-X11 is better than it sounds. The device is a small cube speaker, one of the company’s smallest(...)

Myle Tap:  not only will it save your musings for later reference, it can also launch applications on your smartphone without you ever having to touch it

Just when you thought we’d reached peak wearable, along comes the Myle Tap. The Myle Tap, the spiel goes, is a “thought catcher”. That description ma(...)

Oculus Rift: The headset looks a bit cumbersome, but it’s light and relatively easy to put on
Oculus Rift

Have you seen the new Oculus Rift headset? The consumer version has finally been unveiled, due to go on sale next year, along with the new Oculus Touc(...)

Run Phones

Remember the Sleep Phones? Well now they have a more active counterpart. Run Phones are aimed at those who have an active lifestyle. They’re similar t(...)

Suffering from gadget fatigue? All smartwatch-ed out? Who could blame you, with a new smartwatch vying for your attention every month? They’re needy t(...)

Innovative keyboard  connects to your device using Bluetooth low energy and even supports multitouch

Now here’s a curious project: an invisible touchpad built into a keyboard. When you need to type, you can use Moky to lash out the words at a fast rat(...)