Phree: costs $198

There are a few pens out there that will allow you to take notes on special paper and have your scribbles appear on your phone or tablet. But the key (...)

Nest Labs is looking to take over your home. From its “learning” thermostat” to the smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector, the company has been fas(...)

Chipolo: costs €24

How much time do you waste every day hunting for your keys? Or your mobile phone? How about your wallet? That could be coming to an end with a whole r(...)

The OnePlus 2 will be unveiled officially in a virtual reality-compatible presentation at 3am Irish time.

When OnePlus launched its “flagship killer” phone last year, it operated an invite-only system for sales. Whether you consider it a smart stock manag(...)

Vodafone Smart Ultra 6: punches above its weight

With smartphones, it used to be that you got what you paid for. If you wanted a high-powered phone that would do everything bar make you a cup of tea (...)

Fan of Star Trek? If you always secretly coveted a Starfleet communicator, this Bluetooth device is the ideal kit. It has been recreated from an origi(...)

If you were paying attention to the E3 buzz, you’d have noticed that Microsoft is branching out a bit. It’s going big on virtual reality for a star(...)

The camera has been shrunk to make it GoPro’s lightest, smallest yet

GoPro is well known for its action cameras, but aesthetically they haven’t changed a huge amount in the last couple of years. Would many people be abl(...)

The LazyLock is designed to sit alongside existing locks if you aren’t quite ready to give up the keys

If you are a habitual loser of keys, the LazyLock could be for you. Controlled by Bluetooth and wifi, the lock can be paired to your Android or iOS de(...)

If you  want to try to learn to manage your stress, this handy little device is a good start

Bringing a stress management device into a busy newsroom had the potential to go horribly wrong. Picture the scene: it’s half an hour from deadline(...)