You can always trust Dyson to come up with some impressive sounding descriptions of its technology. The latest is “jet focus”, which is apparently wha(...)

How creative are you? The Offbits allows you to build your own robot from a kit made from odds and ends, and expand it with things you can find lying (...)

HP ZBook 15U G2: €2,367

The march of the MacBook has led to a whole new generation of clones trying to ‘out-sleek’ the slimline machine. They’ve had varying degrees of succes(...)

Selfie Snapper: €21

Selfies: the one modern phenomenon we could all do with a little less of, but it seems like it’s never going away. Your Instagram feed is full of them(...)

Lumo projector: $499

Imagine if, with one device, you could turn your child’s bedroom into an interactive play area. That’s what Lumo is designed to do. Whether it’s games(...)

The Withings Activité fitness tracker

Here’s the sad truth about fitness trackers: most of them don’t look all that great. With the exception of a couple, they’re mainly black silicon, (...)

V6 Fluffy €499.99; V6 Absolute €549.99 Something called the “Fluffy” doesn’t exactly sound like it would be up to the tough task of keeping your home (...)

There’s been the tetris lamp, the Rubix cube and the Minecraft Red Stone lamp. Now, you can add another games-influenced lamp to the line-up: the Pac-(...)

The Apple Watch hasn’t been released yet, but already the accessories are coming thick and fast. The most useful seems to be the Nomad Pod, a portable(...)

The  Galaxy S6: wireless charging is built in, although you’ll have to shell out extra for the charging pad. Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

It’s getting harder and harder for smartphones to impress us these days. But the Samsung S6 does a pretty good job. The Korean electronics giant has r(...)