Standards are being hammered out for the 5G technology, expected to be rolled out between 2018 and 2020. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Are telcos about to hit a bump in the road? With the advent of 5G, you’d forgive them for throwing their hands in the air and deciding to pass(...)

The Pro 4 still has the kickstand so you can use it as a laptop, and it comes with the full size USB port, a mini Display adapter and micro SD card slot hidden away. Photograph: John Taggart/Bloomberg

Microsoft has been plugging away with its Surface Pro since its initial launch in 2013, pitching it as a replacement for other lightweight laptops (ye(...)

Blaze Laserlight: £125

The Blaze Laserlight is a bike light with a difference. The device teams a powerful light with a laser that projects an image of a bike on to the grou(...)

The Activite Steel is the latest version of the device, bringing premium stainless steel finish to the watch

Withings Activite Steel, €170 The Withings Activite made wearable fitness trackers actually wearable. The silicon bands are all very well for casual (...)

Domino’s Limited Edition Easy Order button: pizza lovers can order their favourite pizza at the touch of a button.

If ordering pizza online is a little too taxing, Domino’s is set to make things even easier. Perhaps taking inspiration from Amazon’s one-touch orderi(...)

Skulpt Chisel: $149

Skulpt Chisel bills itself as the future of fitness. The device, its makers claim, will use body fat measurements and muscle quality to give you a mor(...)

Tag Heuer Connected: €1,350

At a cursory glance this Tag Heuer looks like any normal watch. It’s got all the styling you’d expect from the Swiss watchmaker, including 3D raised n(...)

Is a TV revolution on the cards? Apple made big promises when it unveiled its plans for the new Apple TV back in September. At that stage, it was b(...)

Parrot Airborne drone: €129

Some people, instead of happily tinkering with their drones during the day, would rather strap some LEDs to the front and fly them at night. In light (...)

DIY Gamer Kit: €98

What do you get the gamer who has everything? The chance to build their own console, of course. This handy little kit, created by London-based Techn(...)