Wireless bluetooth earphones are becoming increasingly common, but a good set is still a great thing to find. The Jabra Sport Pulse fit into that cate(...)

Nikon KeyMission 360. Price: TBC

When you think of action cameras, you usually think GoPro, right? The company has carved out a niche for itself being strapped to the heads and bodies(...)

Cardboard Cinema Viewer: €33

Cardboard viewers may be a budget way to dip your toe into the world of virtual reality, but this may be taking things too far. This is the Cardboard (...)

HP Pro Slate 8: From €432 (excl VAT)

Android tablets are common enough. Premium Android tablets are less so, but there’s still a good bit of competition for anyone who wants to venture in(...)

What are you to do if you don’t have several hundred euro to drop on the latest virtual reality headset? If you are a Samsung phone owner, the Gear VR(...)

Csys: €600

Csys is the design of Jake Dyson – the son of British inventor James, founder of the eponymous company. It’s LED, but Dyson uses heat pipe technolog(...)

Lumia 950: comes with Windows 10 for phones

Microsoft may be a distant third to Android and Apple, but it’s still hanging in there. The latest trick up its sleeve? The Lumia 950, which comes wit(...)

Belkin WeMo Switch: you can set schedules for it, which is handy for timing lights or appliances

Ever been halfway down the road and thought: “I wonder if I switched that off?” Or had an appliance plugged in an awkward place and wished you didn’t (...)

Code-A-Pillar: Code-teaching toy due out in June

When experts advised we have to start children coding at an earlier age, Fisher Price took them seriously. Really seriously. The Code-A-Pillar is a (...)

The S2 doesn’t follow the standard smartwatch interface, poking away at a 1.2 inch touch screen on your wrist; instead, it uses a rotating bezel.

A couple of years ago when Samsung released its first Gear smartwatch, the industry was in its infancy. Wearables were mostly limited to activity trac(...)