Doro Liberto 820 Mini: a decent alternative Android device

Doro has made its business out of developing more accessible technology. The company’s range of mobile phones is designed to be used by older consu(...)

The iBackPack: tempting

At first glance, you might think the iBackPack is a bit overkill. When are you likely to need a Bluetooth speaker, a backup battery, GPS and 3G or wif(...)

The Tab S2  is available in two sizes: 8 inches and 9.7 inches

Samsung’s tablet, the Tab S, was unveiled a little over a year ago, and it’s just about due an update. And right on cue, it’s the Tab S2, sporting a t(...)

Perfect Bake promises to help you get to grips with cakes, cookies and other treats simply by hooking up your phone or tablet to the scale and following the instructions

A bit of honesty up front: I am not a baker. I’ve never been the type who can walk into a kitchen, throw open the cupboards and whip up a cake from(...)

The Edge+ comes with a 5.7inch screen, a quad HD AMOLED display with more than 500 pixels per inch

Samsung knows big phones. It made the category a popular one in Europe following the launch of the Note back in 2011, and since then phone sizes have (...)

According to the company  you’ll get a nine to 12-mile range from a one-hour charge

Have you seen the Uberboard? It seems it’s the latest craze with Premier League footballers; everywhere you look they’re tweeting or Instagramming pho(...)

The hoverboard has been a pipedream ever since Back to the Future II hit the screens in 1989, and there aren’t enough words in English to describe how(...)

Revolights: From $199

Fitting on to the wheels of your bike, Revolights offers a variety of lighting options, including a smart brake light that senses when you are slowing(...)

Nest Protect: costs €119

Let’s talk about smoke alarms for a minute. A few years ago when I was dragging a chair out into my hall to replace the battery in a chirping smoke(...)

Freaks3D: costs $299

It’s unlikely you will ever have a 3D printer emergency, but there are some situations where having a portable 3D printer may be handy. So with this i(...)