€TBC Attention may all be on the Apple Watch at the moment, but it’s not the only wearable tech in town. At this year’s IFA exhibition, Sony unveiled (...)

Is it a pen? Is it a stylus? The Connector pen is both and more – it also includes a phone charger. Yes, you read that correctly: high-tech and low-te(...)

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Fetch. Cost: €69

A GoPro camera can go almost anywhere, hence the name. The idea is that where you can go so can the camera. So there are a variety of mounts to help y(...)


Do you harbour dreams of bending it like Beckham? How about mastering a knuckle ball kick that would rival Ronaldo’s? if you have a couple of hundred (...)

Tech Tools: iRing

€20 It may sound like a tech-inspired fashion accessory but the iRing is less high fashion and more of a creative add on. Made by IK Multim(...)

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Review: Sony a5100. €519

Cameras are getting smarter and more powerful these days. Sony’s latest, the a5100, combines power with convenience, teaming up features seen in its a(...)