Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella.

Microsoft’s chief executive Satya Nadella (pictured) says the tech giant wants to move from “people needing Windows, to choosing Windows, to loving Wi(...)

German finance minister Wolfgang Schauble’s decision raise the prospect of a temporary Greek euro exit has put the idea that a country could actually leave the single currency firmly into circulation.

Is the debate on the lessons of the Greek crisis already under way? It seems it is – at least in the big European capitals, despite the fact that the (...)

Failure to plan prudently means people may find themselves relying solely on the State pension. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien / The Irish Times

For the vast majority, pension income will determine the level of comfort, financially, that they enjoy in retirement. Failure to plan prudently means(...)

Two of the three networks were  convicted of overcharging customers.

Anyone who has ever felt ripped off by their mobile company may have allowed themselves a small moment of satisfaction on hearing the news that the co(...)

The lack of housing supply in the capital, which pushed prices up, cannot be rectified overnight. Photograph: Aidan Crawley/Bloomberg

It’s happened. The Irish property recovery has lost momentum following new lending restrictions from the Central Bank. Dublin property prices are on (...)

Petroceltic chief executive Brian O’Cathain at the company’s AGM in Dublin. Photograph: Sara Freund

As expected, dissident shareholder Worldview Capital has brought its war against the board of Petroceltic International to the High Court in Dublin. (...)

Amazon overtook Walmart on Thursday to become the largest US retailer by market capitalisation. Photograph: Eduardo Munoz/Reuters

For the last few years, US retail giant Walmart has been trying to beat Amazon at its own game: online retail. In a surprising turnaround this week, A(...)

 PTSB is due to release its interim results next Wednesday.

Research reports in recent days on Bank of Ireland and PermanentTSB by Goodbody Stockbrokers’ analyst Eamonn Hughes were a signal that interim results(...)

Mothercare was blunt on the issue of commercial rents. As a result of a rapid expansion during the boom years, the rents it is paying significantly exceed current market rents

When Clerys shut its doors abruptly, David Jones, the managing director of Best menswear was one of the big losers. Holder of the men’s fashion conces(...)

Nama is held to a higher standard than its commercial peers, and not only because it is the guardian of taxpayers’ money. It is also a State agency – and an extraordinary one at that

Nama would appear to want the best of both worlds. It wants the legal power and financial backing that goes with being an arm of the State but it woul(...)