UnionPay: its days of domination may be under threat after a complaint in 2012 by the United States to the World Trade Organisation

The Chinese payment system UnionPay, operated by the People’s Bank of China and owned by the about 85 domestic banks, which dominates the credit card (...)

Troubling times: checking stock prices recently in Nanjing, China. Photograph: Reuters/China Daily

One aspect of the recent stock market turmoil has been the manner in which the Chinese government intervened to support the market, with many players (...)

A survey by Vinexpo showed that, by 2018, Chinese wine consumption will grow by a further 24.8 per cent

Chinese enthusiasts made up the largest number of visitors at the world’s leading wine and spirits exhibition, Vinexpo 2015 in Bordeaux, with visitors(...)

Employees at a Foxconn factory in the township of Longhua in the southern Guangdong province. Photograph: Bobby Yip/Reuters

In the competition between China and India over the past few years for the title of Asia’s Greatest Economic Prospect, China’s infrastructure, organis(...)

An investor adjusts his glasses as he looks at a computer screen in front of an electronic board showing stock information at a brokerage house in Fuyang, Anhui province, China. Photograph:  China Daily/Reuters

For a few days last week, the world held its breath as the Chinese stock market plunged. The data made for heady reading: China’s market lost 15-times(...)

The People’s Bank of China building in Beijing. The World Bank urged China to quicken the pace of reform

In many ways, the stock market’s woes have come at a particularly difficult time with the World Bank calling on China to reform. In its China Economic(...)

Hong Kong: programme will support engagement between the Irish community and ‘Friends of Ireland’. Photograph: Xaume Olleros/Bloomberg

The Irish Chamber of Commerce of Hong Kong, together with its partner organisation the Irish Macau Chamber of Commerce, is collaborating with the Cons(...)

China’s president Xi Jinping: the bank is a key part of his  efforts to boost China’s influence, called “peripheral diplomacy”, and redress  China’s poor levels of representation on international bodies such as the World Bank and ADB.  Photograph: SeongJoon Cho/Bloomberg

Last week saw the official signing ceremony in Beijing of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, a China-led international financial institution th(...)

Beijing: China plans to link up the capital with the nearby city of Tianjin and the neighbouring province of Hebei into a city that will be as big as Uruguay and have a population of 100 million people. Photograph: Rolex Dela Pena/EPA

China’s urbanisation programme is the foundation on which the country’s economic boom has been built, and the reason why analysts are not too worried (...)

President Xi Jinping has called for greater efforts to guide  children of China’s nouveau riche to “live a positive life”. Photograph: Seong Joon Cho/Bloomberg

Perhaps the fact that the children of the nouveau riche, the tuhao generation mentioned in a recent Asia Briefing column, are being sent to special sc(...)