A  group based at the University of California San Diego conducted lens replacement procedures on rabbits and on macaques before using the same procedure in 12 children, all under the age of two. File photograph: Getty Images

Twelve children in the US have had their vision restored to normal after the lenses in their eyes had been removed because of cataracts. Replacement(...)

Dr Elaine Dunleavy of NUI Galway: “I am trying to find out the genes that are important for fertility in males”

A Galway-based researcher who studies the genetics of fruit flies as a way to understand human health has been awarded the President of Ireland Youn(...)

Scientists in the UK and Ireland have grown a large number of red blood cells in the laboratory, using stem cells, and are preparing to test them in human trials.

Scientists in the UK and Ireland have successfully used stem cells to grow large numbers of red blood cells in the laboratory and are now preparing(...)

A quick method to generate stem cells in the lab that caused a big splash earlier this year is not looking so hot after all. In January, resear(...)

The Centre for Cell Manufacturing Ireland general manager Andrew Finnerty,  director Tim O’Brien, Minister of State for Research and Innovation Seán Sherlock and president of NUI Galway Dr James Browne at the opening of Ireland’s first human use stem cell manufacturing facility at NUI Galway earlier this week.

Scientists have described a very simple way of turning adult cells into stem cells newly discovered by US and Japanese researchers as a “game- changer(...)

Stem cells hold much promise in medicine because, depending on their source, they can transform into a wide range of cell types.

Researchers in Ireland will soon be using locally produced stem cells in treatments for patients with diabetes or arthritis. The new Centre for Cell M(...)

Dr Frank Barry, scientific director of Remedi, with postgraduate student Gemma Rooney in the cell culture laboratory at the regenerative medicine institute, NUI Galway. Photograph: Aengus McMahon

A scientist at NUI Galway has described new research in Austria as “extraordinarily exciting”, suggesting that it could lead to growing replacement br(...)

Takanori Takebe team's work is the first step in growing replacement livers from stem cells for transplants. Photograph: Getty

I bring great news from the world of stem-cell research. Japanese scientists published a paper in the science journal Nature on July 3rd demonstrating(...)