Bono, of U2, the Irish band with Dutch tax residency:  31st on the list of movers and shakers in the tax world. Photograph: Dave Meehan

The International Tax Review is a London-based multimedia publication that is a major source of information and debate for those whose profession and/(...)

Factories on the Rhine. For years now people in its Rhine-Ruhr region have become used to temperamental trains on rail bottlenecks or biblical tailbacks on an ageing Autobahn network

No amount of aspirin can cure the headaches doing the rounds at its inventor, Bayer. The German healthcare giant is the biggest name in a vast industr(...)

French Finance Minister Michel Sapin speaks to media after talks with German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, Jens Weidmann, chief of Germany’s Bundesbank, Anne Le Lorier, first deputy governor of the Banque de France, French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron and German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel in Berlin. Photograph: Reuters/Hannibal Hanschke

Europe needs less talk and more action to stimulate Europe’s ailing economies, Germany’s Social Democrat leader Sigmar Gabriel said, as he prop(...)

A Netherlands tax ruling allegedly underestimated the business risk carried by Starbucks’ coffee roasting facility and, as a result, attributed too little profit to the Netherlands. Photograph: Paul J Richards/AFP/Getty Images

The Netherlands and Starbucks will be pulled into the political storm over tax deals as the European Commission confronts Amsterdam for allegedly subs(...)

 European Commission president Jean Claude Juncker: announced plans to progress legislation on a common EU corporate tax base: “If we can reach an agreement on that . . . then many problems will disappear.”

Ireland’s corporate tax regime is expected to come under renewed pressure from Brussels, after the European Commission announced a series of sweepi(...)

The basic shape of the bailout was already in place by the time Patrick Honohan intervened on “Morning Ireland”. Photograph: Frank Miller

Late one night in Brussels as the Irish bailout deal was being done four years ago, Brian Lenihan was asked about the surrender of Ireland’s economic (...)

Germany’s economics minister urges an end to the “phantom” of tax avoidance  Photograph: Reuters

German economics minister Sigmar Gabriel has warned that countries that permit large-scale corporate tax avoidance “take an axe to European solidarity(...)

Wolfgang Schäuble suggests troika-like methods can push euro zone reform. Photograph: Alan Betson

Be careful what you wish for is the expression that springs to mind when you hear the German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble and his economics mini(...)

Wolfgang Schäuble: is critical that many EU members continue to ignore budget and reform recommendations from Brussels. Photograph: Eric Luke

A year after Ireland waved goodbye to the troika, Germany has suggested the European Commission should adopt troika methods to name and shame EU gov(...)

Michael Noonan with German finance minister Wolfgang Schauble: Mr Noonan said the Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland would offer, low-interest, longer-term and flexible financing for small business. Photograph: Alan Betson

Irish banks are preventing small businesses from growing “beyond a certain size” because they only offer them short-term loans, according to Minister(...)