One of the Geneva 2016’s stars has been officially revealed the night before the motor show opens. The Bugatti Chiron, named for famed pre-war racing (...)

Bugatti has confirmed its next hypercar will be called the Chiron, after the 1920s Grand Prix driver

Bugatti will reach back into its history for the name of its Veyron replacement, slated to debut at next March’s Geneva motor show. The Franco-German(...)

 Bugatti is not saying how much its Middle Eastern buyer paid for Chassis Number 450, but most recent Veyron Roadsters have averaged a purchase price of around €2.3 million.

Bugatti sold its first Veyron 16.4 in 2005, back when Taoiseach Bertie Ahern was topping the opinion polls and assuring us in interviews that “Fianna(...)

Revived R8 e-Tron to spearhead a new range of electric and part-electric Audis

Following a week in which Audi confirmed that it would, at long last, produce an oft-promised all-electric version of its R8 super car (below),(...)

Audi has bucked the global and European sales trends, posting record sales year-on-year for the past 16 years, if you ignore the aberration tha(...)