Sir  Douglas Haig. He  reports artillery activity at several points on the western front, and air raids by German aircraft at Hazebrouck and St-Omer
A DIARY 1916/2016

January 11th, 1916 Russian general Yudenich launches winter offensive and advances west. Sir Douglas Haig (pictured) reports artillery activity at se(...)

Joe Kelly, who fought in the GPO in 1916, ended up back on duty there in the 1940s when he got a job as a doorman. He died in 1969. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

The son of a Dubliner who fought in the GPO in the 1916 Rising has said that if families are excluded from the 2016 commemoration they should conside(...)

Patrick Pearse was 36 when a British firing squad executed him in Dublin on May 3rd, 1916. David Thornley was the same age in 1971, when he wrote abou(...)