Parents may, without knowing it, have become connoisseurs of nWave Pictures’ uneven projects over the past decade or so. This is the Belgian animation(...)

Daniel Seery: has written an original and very promising novel

Tom Stacey doesn’t lead a particularly romantic or exciting life. He lives alone in a drab bedsit and works at a printing press, where his coll(...)

Here’s the provisional schedule for next week – Justice: Discussion re: Urban policing for the 21st century. Witnesses: Mr Fran and Mr Nidge.

The green-eyed monster has been working overtime in Leinster House over the last couple of weeks as the Public Affairs Committee sucks up the limeligh(...)

Diaz think we’d go see The Counsellor just cos  big stars like Cameron are in it? You betcha.

Linguists tell us that English has acquired a new preposition.Because internet. So cinemagoers had best huddle together in expectation of many, many s(...)

Richard Matheson, author  of  1954 horror novel I Am Legend and The Shrinking Man, has died. He was 87. Photograph: Getty

US science-fiction and horror author Richard Matheson, whose novels and stories, including I Am Legend and The Shrinking Man, were adapted for the big(...)

O captain, my captain

It’s not easy being a Trekker in the contemporary age. Sure, technological advances have made certain tasks and random acts of devotion a great(...)