Wes Craven, who has died aged 76 of brain cancer, was a horror film pioneer three times over. The most notorious of Craven’s movies remains his debut(...)

It seems appropriate that a new streaming horror-movie service surfaces just as the master of the genre, Wes Craven, passes away. Although they spawne(...)

Writer Wes Craven  known for the “Scream” films and “Nightmare on Elm Street” died at his Los Angeles. Photograph: Lucas Jackson/Files

Wes Craven, a master of horror cinema and a proponent of the slasher genre best known for creating the Freddy Krueger and Scream franchises, died on S(...)

Scareman of the board: Marlon Wayans, far right, and friends in A Haunted House

‘There’s math and science to comedy,” the mighty Marlon Wayans muses. “I’m serious. This equals this. That equals that. There is even science to a goo(...)