Deputy Australian prime minister Wayne Swan announcing the result of the leadership ballot  yesterday in Canberra.  In a snap  election  Kevin Rudd was re-elected leader of the ruling Labor Party. Photograph: Stefan Postles/Getty Images

Kevin Rudd will today be sworn in as Australia’s prime minister for a second time after Julia Gillard lost an internal ballot for the leadership of th(...)

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard (C) walks with her supporters, including Treasurer Wayne Swan (R), to a meeting at Parliament House in Canberra. Photograph: Reuters

Australian prime minister Julia Gillard survived a damaging leadership battle yesterday to retain the reins of a (...)

IAustralian prime minister Julie Gillard leaves Parliament House in Canberra, following a national apology for forced adoptions.

Australia n prime minister Julia Gillard delivered a historic national apology in parliament to the thousands of unwed mothers who were forced (...)