Seán Lysaght: reads the natural world. Photograph: Jan von Holleben / The Gallery Press

Seán Lysaght’s new collection, Carnival Masks (Gallery Press, €18.50), begins with Lysaght’s speciality, lyrics that ari(...)

In a word ...

Yule and Yuletide. That old “heathen feast, later taken over by Christianity”, as it is put. Both words are Anglo-Saxon but originated in Norse. They (...)

 Broadcaster Joe Duffy with Richard Veale (who lost a grand aunt Margaret ‘Maggie’ Veale (13)), Marie Horan,(who lost  uncle Patrick Fetherston(12)), Cecilia Daly,(who lost a great-uncle Joseph Murray (14)), Fr Michael Scott SBD, (who lost uncle Walter Scott (8)), and Francis Caffrey,(who lost gran-aunt Christina Caffrey (age 2)) in the 1916 rising. Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times

A two-year-old girl shot in her mother’s arms and two unidentified children are among 38 who died violently in the 1916 Rising and about whom informat(...)

Weekend in... Edinburgh

Tourists descend on Edinburgh every August for the Edinburgh International Festival, a citywide celebration of theatre, music, opera and dance perf(...)

David C. McCourt: “Most businesses start from the point of view that says ‘how can I get the most [money] from my customer’? We look at it saying, ‘what can the customer afford and how then can we deliver at that price’?”

With the acquisition of e|net, Irish-American telecoms entrepreneur David McCourt reckons he and his main partner, Walter Scott of Berkshire Hathaway,(...)

E|e|net, the company that has been bringing internet access to urban centres around the State, has been acquired by a consortium of international inve(...)