Gary Walker (left) and Geoff Hill at the Hotel Rambrandt, Amsterdam. Photograph: Peter Murtagh

Searching for a hotel in Amsterdam named Rembrandt turns out to be a little like searching for a pub in London called The Queen’s Head. T(...)

Geoff Hill at St Werburgh Street in Chester, with Chester Cathedral behind, visited in November 1912 by Carl Stearns Clancy. Photograph: Peter Murtagh

The road from Northwich to Chester is today probably very much as it was 100 years ago when Carl Stearns Clancy and his motorcycle partner Walt(...)

Gary Walker, right, on a 1922 Henderson Delux, and Geoff Hill before the first leg of their round-the-world trip to commemorate the first round-the-world bike ride, by Carl Stearns Clancy, which started in Dublin last October. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Historical weather records tell us that the winter of 1912 and 1913 was fairly dull and wet, at least on these islands. Carl Stearns Clan(...)