Prof Walter McNicholas told a road safety conference today that short rests should not be seen as a cure for tiredness but as a  temporary relief.

People who suffer from sleep apnoea (a condition in which breathing is disrupted during sleep) are seven times more likely to fall asleep while drivin(...)

Not breathing easy: sleep apnoea is often associated with overweight men but anyone can have it. Photograph: Getty Images

Sleep apnoea is one of those conditions most people haven’t heard of unless they know someone who has been diagnosed with it and treated for it(...)

Dr Conor Hanley, co-founder and chief executive of BiancaMed, with the SleepMinder product, which Irish Times sleep champions are using for The Sleep Challenge. Photograph: Jason Clarke Photography

The interface between information technology and medical devices is bringing a whole new range of innovative products to patients and clinician(...)

Sleep, exercise and nutritious food are the three basics to aim for to keep your mind, body and spirit in good shape. And, while we have a pretty good(...)