The body of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov is covered with plastic lies on Moskvoretsky bridge near St. Basil cathedral  in central Moscow. Photograph: AFP

Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko said on Saturday Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov was murdered because he planned to disclose evidenc(...)

A member of the Ukrainian armed forces stands guard as a convoy of Ukrainian armed forces as they pull back from the Debaltseve region, in Paraskoviyvka, eastern Ukraine, yesterday. Photograph: Gleb Garanich/Reuters

Ukraine has started withdrawing artillery from the frontline of its battle with Russian-backed militants, after a lull in fighting that Washington’s(...)

An armed fighter of the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk walks past a damaged airplane in the destroyed airport of the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk. Photograph: Vasily Maximovvasily/AFP/Getty images

Ukrainian troops towed artillery away from the front line in the east on Thursday, a move that amounted to recognising that a ceasefire meant to take (...)

 Russian backed rebels serve hot tea to civilians on February 25th in Debaltseve, Ukraine. Photograph:  Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Russia has been planning to annex Crimea and a large part of southeastern Ukraine for more than 12 months, a Russian newspaper has reported.A leaked m(...)

Biology student Katya Bikhtiryova, on Debaltseve’s main square, was one of hundreds of residents queuing for food aid. Photograph: Daniel McLaughlin

At a crossroads on the dusty edge of Debaltseve, a pair of elderly ladies waited with a pile of bulging bags for a lift out of town. For company they (...)

Protesters carry a banner reading: ‘The Wolves of Russian Spring’ during an ‘Anti-Maidan’ rally on February 21st in Moscow against the 2014 Kiev uprising which ousted Ukraine president Viktor Yanukovich. Photograph: EPA/SERGEI ILNITSKY

Former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich, who fled to Russia a year ago after being toppled by months of street protests, said he was ready to ret(...)

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin delivers a speech during a ceremony to award second World War veterans at the Kremlin in Moscow yesterday. Photograph: Reuters/Sergei Ilnitsky

Britain and the European Union made a “catastrophic misreading” of Russia and President Vladimir Putin and “sleepwalked” into the Ukraine crisis, trea(...)

Ukrainians in Independence Square in Kiev yesterday for the commemoration ceremony for Maidan activists who were killed during anti-government protests in 2014. Photograph: EPA/Roman Pilipey

Ukraine says a close adviser of Russian president Vladimir Putin sent snipers to conduct the mass shootings in Kiev that brought its pro-western revo(...)

A pro-Russian separatist feeds a cat in the rebel-held town of Uglegorsk, not far from Debaltseve. Photograph: Alexander Ermochenko/EPA 1:44

European leaders have sought to relaunch a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine, despite continued fighting between Kiev’s forces and Kremlin-backed insurgen(...)

British defence secretary Michael Fallon said Russian president Vladimir Putin was a “real and present danger“ to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and Nato was getting ready to repel any aggression.  Photograph: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images.

Senior Western officials accused Russia on Thursday of redrawing the map of Europe by force and posing a threat to the Baltic states.Russian president(...)