A commemorative parade on April 16th, 2006, on O’Connell Street, Dublin, marking the 90th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising.   Photograph: Matt Kavanagh/The Irish Times

The Easter Rising was a “world historical event”and not just an Irish affair, a conference has been told. Prof Luke Gibbons of NUI Maynooth said the p(...)

The leader of the rebel ‘Army of Novorossiya’ unit, who goes by the nom de guerre Svat (Matchmaker). Photograph: Daniel McLaughlin

“Brothers and Sisters!” began the note stuck to a wall on the main street of Novoazovsk. “Greetings from the Liberation Army of Novorossiya. We hav(...)

It is claimed that the Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin not only spoke English with an Irish accent but specifically a Rathmines accent, due to th(...)

Veterans attend a ceremony to commemorate victims of the second World War in Donetsk on Ukraine’s Victory Day holiday yesterday. Photograph: Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

Ukraine has slipped deeper into crisis ahead of tomorrow’s separatist referendum in eastern regions, with deadly clashes in the city of Mariupol and a(...)

Pro-Russian demonstrators  in a rally in Kharkiv on March 30th. Thousands of people have marched through cities like Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk on recent weekends, waving Russian and Soviet flags. Photograph: Reuters

People are proud of their tanks in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second city. A Soviet T-34 sits outside the local history museum, green armour gleaming, (...)

Ukrainian school students pass by supporters of the ousted Ukranian president Viktor Yanukovych guarding a statue of Lenin in the eastern city of Donetsk. Photograph: Uriel Sinai/The New York Times

Across Ukraine, statues of Vladimir Lenin have come tumbling down this week as revolutionaries, fresh from victory in Kiev’s Maidan, set out to(...)

People look through windows of the Mezhyhirya residence of Ukraine’s  former  president Viktor Yanukovich as anti-government protesters and journalists walk on the grounds in the village Novi Petrivtsi, outside Kiev. Photograph:  Konstantin Chernichkin/Reuters

Their revolution had opened up a path to a better future, they said, and now Ukrainians were throwing open t(...)

Pro-European integration protestors attend a meeting at Independence square in Kiev. Photograph: Vasily Fedosenko/Reuters

Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich backed a call for talks with the opposition today to end weeks of protests in Kiev, but tension was high with p(...)

A protester hammers at a statue of former Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin as others gather around after it was toppled during a pro-European protest in Kiev yesterday. Photograph: EPA/Sergey Dolzhenko

Ukrainian protesters toppled a statue of the Soviet Union’s founder Vladimir Lenin in Kiev last night, aiming a symbolic blow at Russia during huge pr(...)

People pass a huge Louis Vuitton trunk on Red Square in Moscow – the giant trunk measures nine meters high and 30 meters long and decorated with the brand’s logo. Photograph: Andrey Rudakov/Bloomberg

Call it stoicism or apathy, it takes a lot to wind up Russians. But the installation by Louis Vuitton of a giant suitcase on Moscow’s Red Square la(...)